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JYJ promotes the New 7Wonders Project!

Are they apart of the 7 wonders of the world?

JYJ, the PR ambassadors of the South Island of Jeju for the New 7Wonders Project, will officially be named promotional ambassadors in an event. The south Jeju island, which was 2010’s Global Geo-park, is one of 28 natural sites worldwide in the running to become one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

When JYJ comes home from their world tour, they will be apart of a ceremony by the Self-Governing Province of Jeju [Special] to officially recieve their new title.

Switzerland’s New Wonders Foundation is on a mission to find new wonders of the world that are natural scenic beauties. The final voting for the most beautiful and best places with take place onNovember 10, 2011 via online or by mobile devices.

Congratulations to JYJ!

Source: TV Report


9 Comments on “JYJ promotes the New 7Wonders Project!”

  1. lian95 says:

    Where are they traveling now?

  2. Dovey says:

    May the most scenic places win! XD

  3. leeMa says:

    Congratulations JYJ.

  4. hale luana says:

    want to get junsu’s dvd on his stage performances. But don’t want to get it if it avex and or sm has anything to do w/ its release. Does anyone know?

  5. YunhoFan says:

    Hi Hale luana, unfortunately I haven`t been able to find much information on this, but at YesAsia`s site it says Digital Apple Co under publisher. I am pretty sure Avex and SM is not involved in this release. Hope this helps ^^ and, not to forget, congratulations to JYJ.

  6. YunhoFan says:

    The producer of the DVD, Kim Ji Won, said upon the release (according to “This concert DVD was produced by a representative Korean production team, with Sylvester Levay and musical director Kim Mun Jeong participating in the production. We also had the original Viennese composers’ and Korean production teams’ taking turns correcting it, so that we can produce a concert DVD that includes more effort and is higher in quality than your average concert DVD.” So it`s clearly not an Avex/SM release then!

  7. hale luana says:

    thanks to all who responded to my question whether avex/sm had anything to do w/ junsu’s new dvd……..feel more confident about purchasing it now…..again…loads of thanks!!!

  8. YunhoFan says:

    You`re welcome! Please enjoy your DVD! ^^

  9. QIARA says:

    can’t wait to see them again. Congratulations guys.

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