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WHAT’S HOT! : “Me With 2NE1 in Korea…”

Couldn’t Minzy and CL smile?

Smile girls, this is a happy occasion! The band leader of the popular American group Black Eyed Peas ate all of the necessary veggies and preserved his energy to work in Korea. He tweeted about his current trip abroad and he even had a photo op with 2NE1! has been working with the girls since 2010 on their US debut album.

Who else has he met during his current visit?

“I came to korea to with my friends at CJ entertainment. 2. talk technology…and 3. of course meet with 2ne1,” tweeted

After meeting all the top representatives, the singer took a little Pea and Will time.

“Time for tea in korea”

International music aside, 2NE1 is scheduled to make their K-pop comeback on May 12th.

Source: @iamwill


47 Comments on “ : “Me With 2NE1 in Korea…””

  1. sweetgirl1990 says:

    well well well….as long as they don’t use too much auto-tune in their album I’m sure they’ll be fine. They have music style that fits U.S

  2. Cee el says:


  3. dan says:

    if you fail in your transformation into a black gangster from da hood, do the next best thing. just hang out with one.

  4. OOOOOOkay! says:

    2ne1 is coming to U.S. and it has to be good!!! i dont think they will disappoint.

  5. missy says:

    why 2ne1 will never make it in the USA?

    1. all korean group <- o.o HELLO!!! american singers who sing 100x better than bom can'r make it, the chance of 2ne1 making it and being all korean is like 0.00001%
    2. the looks <- sex sells in america. besides dara none of them have the looks.
    3. can't speak english <- CL sorta, the rest can't,

    2ne1 should seriosuly just stay in korea and build up a huge fanbase in all of asia.
    America isn't even friendly towards american artists… they will have it even harder..

    REBECCA BLACK makes millions in america <- O.O that's how messe dup america is. sometimes it's not event he talented who make it.

    none of their music is american style because america sings about SEX. no one in 2ne1 has ever sang about it.

    i hope they aren't fools and try to make it in the USA, and end up like the wonder girls

    • mary says:

      definitely you don’t knows nothing about 2NE1 you are only a pathetic hater, to begin with CL is the only to speak English? WTF Bom grew up in USA therefore she speak English fluently, Dara also speaks English fluently, research before you speak

      so the conclusion is the girls can sing very well in English and Korean

      • OOOOOOkay! says:

        r u a friggin psychic!? no u arent its best to wait then talk later especially when youre spewing words out of your ass that dont even make sense. you must be a kid. u have to be a kid i friggin swear thats how ridiculous u r when u commented. ps i dont care if u like 2ne1 or not if u dont respect them dont comment we dont want your opinions.

    • orange_fun says:

      I just want to say that not all american’s sing about sex. Sorry to say this, but unlike korea there is a huge variety of music style and concepts in america it’s just not as mainstream as the stuff people usually hear.

      • bd2 says:

        You know, there are rock, punk, indie, jazz-influenced, etc. groups in Korea as well.

        • orange_fun says:

          I’m sure i’m not hating on korea’s music scene, It just seems as though pop is all they have. It would be nice if the other genres were put more on the spot light.

          • orange_fun says:

            Sorry I left out *korea has other genres after *I’m sure.

            • lol! says:

              They do have other genres, it’s just that the mainstream/bubblegum pop songs are the ones you hear the most.

            • alqasam says:

              try go to dramabean dot com. She always post about great music in Korea i.e indie. jazz etc.

              Clazziquai is popular group- jazz group who perform in mainstream media and drama

    • ashley says:

      I’m sorry missy but u must be one dumb shallow bitch to think they don’t have the looks, first Korea is different form the US when it comes to looks and there are a lot of famous people that look 100 times worst than 2NE1. So, I don’t think there looks would be that much of a problem.

  6. eboy07 says:

    No kpop group will make it in USA even in Japan kpop is not that popular.

    • ashley says:

      Ha, like u know anything about Japan, When I went to school there the most popular music(besides Japanese music) was a tie between American music and Korean music I even remember when I was in the car my friends parents had the radio station on a Korean music channel, so don’t go around assuming things.

      • Teasu says:

        What city do you live in? Stop making things up. Unless your school is like 90% Koreans, which I doubt, even in LA.
        Since you live in the states, which US TV stations cover KPOP? Or which US radio stations play KPOP music? Or which US music TV stations play KPOP videos? BET, Fuse, VH1 or MTV??? I lived in LA and now in NYC, even in LA, they don’t cover or play kpop songs, come on now. US TV stations don’t even show Korean dramas, you have to watch it on Korean stations, if it is available in your area. Another word, NO Korean Wave in US…

  7. Chuchu says:

    Eboy07 and Missy, You both are spot on with your comments. Kpop artists will never make it in the US not just because of their language barrier but because their is something missing from them. All they seem to do is copy American music and it doesn’t look good on them. I personally am not into kpop music because I don’t understand what they sing. In fact, I need subtitles to understand what they are saying when they’re just talking in English. I’m not watching or buying music from artists I don’t understand. Music is too expensive these days.

    • bd2 says:

      Uhhh, everyone has “copied” American music.
      And heck, white Americans copied the music of black Americans.

    • bd2 says:

      You must be the type who doesn’t like to watch foreign-language films b/c reading the subs is too difficult/gives you a headache.

      • ashley says:


      • lay says:

        LOL .. so true. people who don’t watch foreign movies just because they hate reading subtitles are as close-minded as those who don’t listen to songs not in their language just because they don’t understand what’s being sung. it’s a pity too cos they’ve missed out on a lot of good things because of that.

  8. Chuchu says:

    Also, I’m not a big fan of Will – i- am music. He’s starting to do alot of that techno electronic stuff.

  9. Dovey says:

    Oh boy…

  10. lovesannie says:

    i like MissA , but i dont think they would make it big here in the U.S. I mean listen to whats popular here, they’re all either about sex or partying and I haven’t exactly heard any songs in Kpop that revolve around them.

  11. ashley says:

    Hey if I were all of u I would not jump the gun so dam fast by saying ‘they won’t make it” None of u are god so if I was u I would just wait and see. I hope they do well, and that’s all I’ll say 4 now…..

  12. MEC says:

    COOOOOL !! in Korea.. and Sandara’s new haircut?? whoah!!

  13. blaznist says:

    Again, veteran BoA…Utada..Se7en all veterans nothing happened…2NE1 I like them but to technoish stuff nothing that stands out. So..once again this will just be on the radio in LA and korean towns. No real urban areas will know them, you practically have to go explaining to people, even people who knew Utada or BoA their mind is foggy from the past. Difficult without a grand promoter not just tell west coast and NY to..actually had to tell someone who Will was, small towns they need to promote here.

  14. Rach says:

    Ooh I love Wil.I.Am! Even though I’m not sure if an american audience would like 2NE1, I’d like to see them debut in the US, there are some american artists who don’t sing about sex or drugs. But they would have to do some pretty huge publicity stunts to get people to pay any attention to them

  15. Florence says:

    OMG!2NE1 is lucky!!!! is also lucky to meet with the one of the best group in Korea….hahaha

  16. jenny says:

    just because u dont like the music doesnt mean they arent going to make it!!!!
    I mean park bom and CL does speak English good enough to understand That i know of.
    And beside, if you need a subtitle then that means u either dont know english as well as them or You listen good. If Will.I.AM is helping them then they might have more possibility to make it :p

  17. jenny says:

    sorry for the few mistakes but i meant or you listen not that GOOD

  18. […] teaser for their first comeback track, “Lonely“. The girls may be country hopping and partying with peas, but they never forget to continue the hard work for their Blackjacks in Korea. 2NE1 is scheduled […]

  19. […] teaser for their first comeback track, “Lonely“. The girls may be country hopping and partying with peas, but they never forget to continue the hard work for their Blackjacks in Korea. 2NE1 is scheduled […]

  20. Cris says:

    Not listening music because you don’t understand what they singing…You can always use google to translate,or find the videos with subs.Lame excuse!I feel sorry for all the haters…bitter,sad,stupid people.And how do you know they won’t make it?Are you some kind of fortune teller?LOL
    Just because others didn’t make it,doesn’t mean they won’t too.Stop been so negative,people!

  21. daria says:

    hi all wow very cool super easy))))))))))

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