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Jo In-sung returns to the entertainment world

After the “uniform model” flew in the air for two years, he has landed his handsome face on the ground once again!

Jo In-sung returned to his 400 fans with open arms yesterday morning at his miltary base. He finally completed his mandatory service to his country and now the actor wants to return to work as soon as possible.

In-sung“If I am given the opportunity, I want to go on Infinity Challenge again….I watch it more than girl groups”

He was happy to have the opportunity to go back to work, but he admitted he will miss his air force buddies. The honorable Air Force member received an award from the Chief of Staff before his discharge.  After In-sung had his cake and ate it too….

he has quite a busy schedule ahead of him. His “Star Golden Bell” episode airs this weekend, he has CF duty lined up, and there is talk of a possible movie in the works.

He just completed all of his basic and necessary training to reenter the entertainment industry war!  Do you think he is considering enlisting again?

Sources: My Daily and Nate


11 Comments on “Jo In-sung returns to the entertainment world”

  1. henrystrings says:

    Oh nice nice, welcome oppa!

  2. kim Sawen says:

    heeeeeee isssssssssssss soooooooooooooooooo handsommmmmmmmmmmmm
    oppa miss ya

  3. Rain says:

    Thank You for updating us about him!! I hope yo’ll keep it up or maybe it will be better if you will update us regularly about him.. Thanks!! I really like him!!

  4. Popcorn says:

    Nothing change after 2 yrs, and warm welcome for his return. Hope to see a good news of his drama and movie especially with my Ha Ji Won. Fighting!

  5. orange_fun says:

    He totally looks like dbsk’s Yunho in the first picture!

  6. H2O says:

    He looks manly, unlike some guys from boy groups….

    • bd says:

      He’s really not that “manly.”

      Kim Sung soo, Oh Ji ho, Joo Jin mo, Song Seung heon, Han Jung soo, Jo Han sun, Cha Seung won, etc. are manly.

      JIS still looks like a baby-faced teen.

  7. jezsheca says:

    welcome back oppa….

  8. dan says:

    welcome back from your deskjob

  9. Akira says:

    i missssssssssssssed him so much..
    hope he comeback with a good drama like ji sung did

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    welcome back~~~~~

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