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MissA parties with Jin-woon

Is a dating rumor in the works?

Recently,MissA’s  Jia tweeted the following JYP Nation party message:

“At Jin-woon’s birthday party. There are many bday parties these days…. Changmin’s birthday was yesterday. Mimi and Jin-woon’s is todays!! Everybody is happy happy.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t a dating rumor. If it was…Suzy and Jia would have their hands full. Recording,dancing, fighting over a morning man….would they have anytime to relax?

The JYP Nation has been celebrating birthdays like crazy with many residents of the agency being born around the same time of year. Who is next Bday person?

Happy 20th birthday to Jin-woon!

Source: @missA_jia

4 Comments on “MissA parties with Jin-woon”

  1. jnyarcalas says:

    I’ve noticed that Jin woo is a ladies man. 😄

  2. Ki Ran Pa says:

    who the eff cares if they are dating none of my business.

  3. rhealyn says:

    are they dating? they look good together.right?

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