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BoA is angry with SM Entertainment?

She doesn’t seem to be…..

At the beginning of children’s’ day, BoA must have gotten a little jealous of the younger generation. Instead of rejoicing and praising the kids on May 5th, she lashed out at SME. Well, not exactly “lashed” it was more like tweeted….

“When can I get the verified for my twitter account!! Come on SM entertainment!!”

BoA wants to be the top singer in Asia and Verified on Twitter. Is that really too much to ask? Although, most of us would just like as many followers as she has.

Source: @BoA_1105


30 Comments on “BoA is angry with SM Entertainment?”

  1. MK says:

    WOW im the first here weehoo

  2. MK says:

    its the first time since i start to put comment in popseouls since 2008, any way BoA is a great singer and she will be the famous singer in Asia (^_^) BoA we all love you , BoA FIGHTING

  3. sweetgirl1990 says:

    seems like her english isn’t there yet

  4. Dreaming says:

    LOL! She needs to perform in prestigious event in USA first to get her account verified. I mean PRESTIGIOUS like AMA or Grammy :p

    • ashley says:

      that’s not true some D-list celebrities seem to have a “verified” account so I don’t see why she can’t get one. Oh and I not trying to insult her I a big fan of hers lol XD

      • Feck_U says:

        ^ you do realize those “D-list” celebrities are more famous than BoA right? BoA is virtually on the Z-list right now in America.

        • ashley says:

          lol I didn’t even know there was a z-list, anyways she is not even doing anything in the States to be considered on any celeb list right now.

          • elmer says:

            you be trippin’! she’s shooting a movie, a Hollywood dancing movie in New York! get your fact right.

            • ashley says:

              no they are filming in Canada so that’s why I didn’t count it has US work, but when her movie comes out then it would make more sense to say what list she is on, I’m a huge fan of hers too btw.

  5. holycow says:


    i’ve always thought how superb her english was…

  6. eboy07 says:

    BoA is angry and what photo do they put up?

  7. cdnpoint says:

    When you search for her two Twitter accounts online, the search results show VeriSign Trusted logos.

    Why is BoA not getting media coverage in Toronto during her film shoot? Who is representing her here? I thought it might be CAA in Los Angeles.

    • Chuchu says:

      Duh…..because she is not a well know artist except in Asia. Kpop artists really aren’t known outside of Asia and outside of the Asian communities in the West.

      • elmer says:

        true! unless your speak fluent English without any funny asian accent, you might have a slight chance. otherwise…….im sorry. not that asian artists are not talented enough, it’s just the stereotype of asians in Hollywood needs to be changed! I saw CoCo Lee on E! years back, she’s raised in CA, Americanized in every way, performed on the stage of Oscars…….still, faded out. Sometimes it makes me sad, but the reality is there.

  8. dan says:

    she needs to give up this false dream of becoming a US star and just go crawling back to japan or korea. IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN

    • Feck_U says:

      ^ Agreed. Nobody is going to care about her and the American media will basically ignore her once her movie comes out and will put all their focus on Deryk the most ( if the movie does well). Asian leads and costars are the invisible characters in American cinema.

  9. parishiltonwannabe says:

    i agree 100% with dan.
    even coco lee didnt survived that long in the US. we must say that asia will never reach the top as a singer in the states.

    • ashley says:

      don’t be so sure, if everyone keeps giving up then who will make it ? I believe someone will make it one day just wait.

      • pat says:

        Somebody will make it in the US, but it won’t be BOA, that ship has sunk

      • Feck_U says:

        It’s definitely not going to be BoA that’s for sure…If America wants a an Asian star they will get one locally that is raised the states. An Asian-American has more of a chance as a popstar than BoA .

  10. Dreaming says:

    There are some Asian stars whose accounts already got verified though.
    And @parishiltonwannabe: How about Charice? I think she’s doing good. And she’s not over-hyped like these SM artists.

    • Feck_U says:

      Charice is still pretty underrated in America though. Alot of people here who doesn’t follow Oprah or Ellen don’t really know her yet unfortunately.

  11. rachel says:

    @agnezmo ( agnez monica account twitter have verify ) from Indonesia

  12. ShikiKira says:

    I love BoA really I do, but she’s, sadly, just isn’t cut out for America. Even though she got covered by KIIS FM she’ll most likely never make it big here.
    I believe that someday an Asian will make it big in the U.S., but we’re going to have to wait a long time before that happens.

  13. shineemax says:

    Hi BOA,

    I believe in you and someday you will have it!

    Toronto, Canada

  14. roxy says:


  15. cdnpoint says:

    Last week, in the Friday issue of the Toronto Sun, two pictures of Boa on the set of her new film were published in the Hollywood North column (as well as one photo of her co-starring lead in another part of Toronto). Finally, a photographer (John White) got her into a Toronto paper! 🙂

    Hoping that one of the Toronto entertainment shows will ask her about a concert for Toronto one day…

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