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Brian Joo mourns his grandfather’s passing

On May 1st, Brian tweeted that his Grandfather,who resided in the USA, had passed away. The singer is currently promoting his latest single in Korea and he  wasn’t able to be by his loved one’s side at the time of his passing.
He did, however, upload images and welcomed fans’ prayers for his family during this difficult time.
Below are a couple of his recent tweets:
“those who saw my performance on M.Countdown, sorry 4 the mistake in the lyrics~ Recently my grandfather passed away & was thinkin’about him
Hey y’all, just wanna ask every1 to pray for my grandfather today. The funeral will be held today in California, but I can’t be there”

POPSEOUL gives our heartfelt condolences to Brian Joo and his entire family.
Source: @Brianjoomuzik

9 Comments on “Brian Joo mourns his grandfather’s passing”

  1. dan says:

    when will he come out of the closet and just admit he’s gay?

  2. Kasey says:

    I don’t know what to say to this event, since, he is not low on cash, I can’t understand why he can’t make it to his grandfathers funeral. It’s one thing if you are low on cash it’s another thing when you are not. He could at least drop everything to attend the funeral. It’s truly sad when you put things first before family. If you believe in yourself enough stuff like that would always be there no matter what, however, family is different, once they are gone they are gone. You get one chance to say goodbye and that is it. You can’t turn the clock back to get that opportunity again.

  3. missy says:

    i disagree.. people like you were blaming jaejoong when he was in LA recoridng and he didn’t go run to korea to see his friends’ funeral.
    once the person is dead, you can’t say goodbye..=.=..they are dead.

    plus things happen, FAMILY IS NOT EVERYTHING. half my family lvoed my other half hated me cuz i was half black, that half, if they die, i don’t care, cuz i never knew them, cuz they avoided me.
    brian’s lucky he had grandparante mine are literally all dead besides one who doesn’t like me…
    my story:
    my grandma died, and we found out 3 months later after she was buried. my uncle forgot to tell my mom since we lived in california and they lived in chicago. three months later, my mom finds out her mom is sick, calls the hospital finds out her mom is dead..

    my other story:
    my dad’s family doesn’t like me cuz i’m half black, and so i only saw his dad once. he died, and i didn’t even cry. why? because apparently when I was 2 I saw in him once at disneyland. he was a stranger.
    isn’t that sad?
    family is not family by blood.
    family is family by who you consider to be family
    plus things happen…
    plus christians believe they’ll see their loveones again, so it’s not goodbye. it’s i’ll see you heaven.

    i can’t feel brian’s pain, my grandparents on my dad side don’t love me, my grandma on my mom side i remember a bit, my granddad on my mom’s side was dead before i was born.
    but i can understand losing a best friend…

    just let him grieve in in own way. i don’t like funerals… but i still cry over losing a friend who was only 11…

  4. Min_khÓai_SujU says:

    Brian i Like U ,U Are Very Funny

    • lol says:

      yeah i agree i love watching him in the recent episode of Oh! My School where he acted a black girl fighting over her boyfriend LMAO i fucking flew off my sofa and fell onto the ground for the entire 5 mins or so where he acted it and especially when he “fought” with shin-young ahhahahah

  5. Dovey says:

    Whatever the circumstances were, what’s been done has been done. My condolences to the man.

  6. Annette says:

    My Deepest Sympathy to Brian and his family.Please God keep The Joo family in your loving embrace and grant them serenity during their mourning of their loved one.Brian you will always have the fond memories of your grandfather with you.I am sure his must have been very proud of you and your great music and comedic timing.Love and Peace.

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