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Does Jun Ji-hyun have a S line?

“The Snow Flower And The Secret Fan” actress is the actual cover girl for the latest issue[volume 52] of High Cut. The photos of her in the fashion magazine have been released online and netizens are impressed by her S line figure.

What do you think? Does Ji-hyun have the perfect S line? Or, is her shape the superior work of the PS line (photoshopped line)?

Sources: High Cut,Money Today, and Nate [TV Report]


20 Comments on “Does Jun Ji-hyun have a S line?”

  1. lottery says:

    it doesn’t look too fake, well I mean some photoshopped pics are downright obvious — like their waist-line can be severed anytime coz the arch is simply way too in.
    anyway, she resembles Park Han-byul (Se7en’s girlfriend) to me.
    p/s: I loved her role in My Sassy Girl.

  2. Kim says:

    I never thought she did before but I saw the trailer for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and there’s a scene in there where she wears a red dress and the S line is pretty obvious.

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  4. bd says:

    JJH is looking a bit too skinny in these shots.

    She, however, clearly has more “hips” than the typical Korean female star.

  5. benny says:

    I don’t what is considered an S line in Korea; but I assumed it was a girl with boobs; and hips. That girl is just skinny

    • Maggie says:

      I’ve always thought the s-line was the boobs to waist to hips ratio. It could also be the profile of a woman’s body ( boob size and butt size= “S”). No???
      In any case, most of these korean females that are mostly known for their “lines” are over hyped like someone said.

  6. WTF...seriously! says:

    Most, if not all of Korea’s “s-line” representatives are mostly just skinny, no shape at all. Their so-called “perfect envied shape” are almost always photoshopped(sometimes so ridiculousy obvious looking). They are really just thin with no hips, and flat on top as they are on their backsides. Honestly, it’s as if they stunted their own bodies from maturing.

    Anyway, as fas as JJH’s figure goes, I’ve always thought she was just flat yet stalky looking with a cute face. In other words, like many…but one female in particular(hehe), body and overall look is actually no big deal, at least in my opinion.

  7. why not? says:

    Jung Woo Sung should’ve stuck with her. He wouldn’t be involved in someone else’s marriage. They were really hot together.

  8. Pops says:

    Explanation of the S-line and other “alphabet” references in ‘Korean Women are not Alphabets!’ at:

    • dude... says:

      Honestly..Korea just likes naming stuff xD
      chocolate abs….
      s line
      v line..
      when things become popular in Korea..they have to give it a’s almost like branding stuff..then the trend dies off..comes back again..or a whole new trend is out
      all countries have these types of superificial-ness (Kay thats probably not a word xD) where the celebrities all try to fit this ideal image because it just looks appealing to the eyes..

  9. dude... says:

    obviously a lot of you guys never seen her commercials or just pics people have taken of her at premieres and stuff…her body is not like all the other typical actresses..she’s got a bit more fat on her and…and thats a good thing!!
    I’m not saying she’s fat either..her body is definitely to die for..she has hips.but I know she did gain some weight on her face after she finished shooting Blood..but thats understandable ..the fight scenes are def hard work..I wouldn’t want to work out after all that either xD

  10. winwoot says:

    Not hot at all . That’s skinny for your info . Not PERFECT S !

  11. tru t says:

    this girl is just skinny uughh, no hips no bust

  12. ashley says:

    In the second picture she looks like she has a “s” line but in the rest of the pictures she just looks like she is sticking out her butt to much because she has none lol I think if she has a little more booty then the would have a perfect “s” line.

  13. jicks says:

    S-line or no S-line, this girl is hot.

    But seriously, who is looking for an S-line when the legs are looking that long & amazing xDD

  14. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i think she has a good body

  15. Kathleen says:

    she’s just so sexy. no photoshop:D

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