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f(x) is number one on M! Countdown!

After walking away victorious on KBS’s Music Bank last week, the girls win their second number one title since their debut on Mnet!

“Danger” is their middle name. The SME girls worked hard since their “LA ChA TA” days and now they are reaping the rewards.

f(x)‘s dry season is over! The girls are raking in the awards for their “Danger” single from their first full length studio album, “Pinocchio“. Victoria, Krystal, Luna, and Sulli¬†all waited for the return of their girl rapper Amber before they made a comeback….and waiting for her paid off!

What should be their new music tagline? “I’m in “Danger” of being number one “Pinocchio”…how can you forget me?”

Congratulations to f(x)!

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12 Comments on “f(x) is number one on M! Countdown!”

  1. hmmm says:

    GOOO Fx!!! whooo i love youu amber <333

  2. hazardous says:

    I love this new single! GO GO F(X)!!

  3. dan says:

    wow a 5 member group: 4 girls and a guy

  4. missy says:

    being honest:
    they are at the moment the BEST of the Worst
    I don’t like the song…I know korena and the lyrics make no sense…
    the Autotune is ANNOYING.
    it’s really high

    BUT THEY GOT THEIR FIRST AWARD. SM finally learned it’s all about timing. that’s the only time snsd and f(x) are able to win awards… otherwise other girls beat them

    i gave fx a chance but I don’t like them anymore…

    • ashley says:

      That’s sooo true about the timing thing but I still like them even though the song suxs.

    • toph says:

      You say their the best of the worst i.e. better than After School & Rainbow (the only ones worth mentioning.
      Who exactly would beat snsd? Kara? T-ara? Wonder Girls??? Don’t make me laugh. Can you put down some figures on album sales, singles sales or youtube views to prove your point?
      f(x) doesn’t need someone like you to be their fan. Their already on top of the charts

    • steve says:

      it’s not just about timing, it’s about promotion, getting them onto shows to be better known. fx’s win this time round has a lot to do with Victoria’s popularity from WGM (as can be heard through the cheers when she sings) That’s what sm’s good at. Building hype and popularity around their idols so that no matter how mediocre the song is or how badly they perform, their avid fans will turn the blind eye and defend them no matter what. SNSD are the perfect case. To me sm aren’t a music company, they’re an idol company. they specialize in making idols, not music- all the major korean labels are like that. (which may explain why some of the same sounding music and autotune is so frequented in kpop these days. korean music is now defined and dominated by kpop idols. Even Korea’s ministry of arts and culture expressed extreme concern over the lose of musical integrity in Korea lately.

      • Han says:

        Steve, to be honest, that’s where the money comes from. Do you think all artists around the world aren’t manufactured? Singers like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, even Eminem etc are manufactured. One thing you forgot to mention is that SM artists, no matter the how the title song sucks, their live singing skills make them hit and their other songs (not title songs) tend to be good because you don’t try to make it obvious that it is trying to attract people to listen. In addition, think from the business side, you have to make the teenagers go and listen the songs. Therefore, you have to make it catchy for them to listen, otherwise, there is going to be a huge loss.

        • kimberly says:

          Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Eminem all write/compose their own songs. Lady Gaga does all her own outfit design choices. You chose some bad examples to prove your point.
          Manufactured can be anywhere, but nowhere as dominating and prominent than in Korea. No country can beat Korea in the number of boy/girl groups right now. And how many of them write their own songs? How many of them have a say compared the their American counterparts? That’s the difference.

  5. chaimoon says:

    For me, Amber is the most beautiful. Her boyish appeal adds to her beauty and she doesn’t have to act cute to be one. She is really cute! Way to go Amber! Are you American born?

  6. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


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