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Kim Hyun-joong’s “Henecia” is accepting applications!

Is he hiring?

Kim Hyun-joong‘s official fan club name, Henecia, was chosen in April after an online competition among current members of his official website. Fans submitted their choices of fan club names for one week (I submitted FlowerKissed…where did that name go?) and KEYEAST chose the finalists and started a poll. The most popular name won! That name was Henecia.

The fan club name, meaning Hyun-joong blessed (my FC name represented fans being kissed by beauty with KHJ being the beautiful Flower),  has been chosen and now Hyun-joong‘s agency is accepting applications in Korea and internationally to join his official fan club.

The FC will be up and running soon, while they gear up to promote his upcoming solo album next month.

Potential Henecians can register by clicking here

Source: MDToday


39 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong’s “Henecia” is accepting applications!”

  1. o0o_tripleS_o0o says:

    😡 cool

  2. Mia says:

    Cool! Thanks for the info

  3. Nguyen says:

    i like the whole fan club idea… but im not digging the “Henecia” name…. sounds kinda weird to me.

  4. Gtl says:

    It’s sounds like a rip off of Casseiopia.

    • Phoenix10 says:

      Why so full of yourself?? Cassieopia is also taken from somewhere isnt it?

      Latin names do sound similar but the meanings are totally different.. Henecia is a combination of the latin word Benecia meaning Blessed and H stands for Hyun Joong.. so basically means Blessed Hyun Joong or Blessed fans of Hyun Joong..

      So these meanings are worlds apart.

  5. ashley says:

    I wanna join XD

  6. Mina says:

    I’m watching “playful kiss” these days and I wonder….IS HE REAL???
    Too handsome…



  8. NieSa HimuRa says:

    Its doesn’t work when I Click the link above (red.Clicking Here)…

    Btw, Thanks for the information…

  9. Parinda Boonpraspai says:

    Cannot stop watching his all action, especially his SMILE!!!!. Luving KHJ too much, very much, so much……

  10. Manu says:

    Why doesn’t the website work… T_T I needses it

  11. ara says:

    Hen Ecia ?
    Hen Asia ? *kidding*

    Which part does contain “Hun Joong” ? and which ones means “blessed” ? just curious.

  12. He’s hot uhh? I’m a bit disappointed. Why does the given link doesn’t work? On my computer it appears “Problem loading page” I used to refresh it so many times but it’s still the same. It should be fixed as soon as possible, so his fans can easily join. =))

  13. rosi says:

    Kim Hyun Joong
    You are very very handsome. Your smile is so cute. I like your style. I love your songs.
    God Bless You.

  14. winner says:

    Hi Kim Hyun Joong
    You are so cute. I’ve seen all your dramas and they’re wonderful.
    Your smile is very beautiful and attraction.
    Take care of your health and good luck.

  15. Emily says:

    Is this the real site ?
    Read from paper there are few sites which are faked n cheat our money..

    Please clarify if this is the official site

  16. Akira says:

    i think henecia sound kind of good,cool too
    anyways gud luck for the fan club……

  17. maria says:

    ojalá pudieras abrir tu twitter para conversar con tus fans, hay muchas estrellas que lo hacen. Espero que algún dia vengas a México tu musica ya esta siendo escuchada por acá. El enlace que aparece arriba no funciona. Abre tu twitter te lo suplicamos !!!

  18. Jessy says:

    like so much…
    Kim Hyun Joong oppa,,saranghae!!!

  19. mega Anggraeni says:

    Nomu, nomu, nomu sarang… ^^
    Oppa,, i want to see u… ^^

  20. […] understand! Hallyu Star Kim Hyun-joong has a “Break Down”…… in a good way! On June 1st, the Keyeast singer […]

  21. Nimmi says:

    i luv him

  22. chip says:

    i love you so much opa kim huyn joong

  23. Raquel says:

    que es oppa ajajaja nose como llegue aqui pero igual si hay alguien de más de 18 añitos como yo jeje que lo diga okis y esta linda la pagina y si conosco al cantante va no en persona canta muy bein ^^ ok besitos suerte y abrasotes desde argentina y musha suereeeeeeeeee chauuuuuuuuuu^^

  24. KHJ…
    when you will go to indonesia??????????

  25. thine says:

    for me I love it… and I want to join…

    I’m badly want to see Hyun Joong in person..

    He’s my one and only korean crush…

    God Bless you… mahal… mwuahhhh…

    Your the best!!!1

  26. thine says:

    If you red this.. please email me…

    ..Please visit again here in the Philippines…

    ..or else I will go to Korea just to see you! 🙂

    ..Take care of your self…more success to come for you..

    sarang hae

  27. maureen says:

    i cant register coz every time i click the submit query,,it says that i need to click the check to duplicate the used id,,but check button is not working,,wat happen to the site??can any one answer me??please,,tnx,,

  28. ita naveta says:

    Sometimes when you not popular you wish to become one’s of them. sometimes when you popular you wish become one’s of them only ordinary people. this is a world.. what goes around its turn around.. when you was in important position do remember that EVERYONE’S WILL FOLLOW YOU …

  29. watchin playful kiss n wondering hw cn sme1 be so handsome!

  30. zazou says:

    for all hyeonyyy fans ==> Henecias <== urgent we have to support hyeonny !! we have to make him in the first place !!! Plzz Vote !!! the best always for the best 1 2 3 4 aja aja fighting

  31. Ghazaleh.HD says:

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    Nice to meet you
    Thanks for great blog …
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    in my blog,I post photos design by myself from hyun joong
    for example wallpaper,background,poster, etc … of hyun joong
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    Thank you

  32. kavyashree says:

    Best name…

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