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Rain’s “Red Scarf” gets knitted again….

with a brand new name!

“Take Off: Closer to the Sun”( aka Emergency) is the newest name the movie’s production team, CJ E&M, chose. In honor of the new title, the company released their first still image of the movie that started filming on March 13th.

What is the movie about?

Director Kim Dong-wan‘s new movie is a remake of the 1964 classicThe Red Scarf.  The male lead, Rain, will portray a military pilot (Tae-woon) and Shin Se-kyung will be a mechanic (Se-young). The original(war movie) was about a widow of a military pilot who falls in love again. She falls for a man her husband’s friend introduces her two after his death.

What do you think of the photo and new title?

Source: MK Daily Star


14 Comments on “Rain’s “Red Scarf” gets knitted again….”

  1. Nguyen says:


    Rain ❤ looks like itll be interesting. the photos nice but the title… ehh, its alright

  2. Gtl says:

    Old title ftw!!!

    The new title sounds awkward in English

  3. Dovey says:

    I like the title. It doesn’t sound that weird in English – just don’t take it so literally. I think it’s kind of poetic. ^^

  4. Maggie says:

    One thing is for sure, he makes a better actor than he does a singer…
    He’s too overrated as a singer (actually alot of kpop are overrated), at least imo.

  5. tjrachel says:

    but isn’t that one handsome & gorgeous pilot : )

  6. benny says:

    top gun anyone….

  7. eboy07 says:

    Rain is too overrated and yet he is a nobody worldwide.

  8. nhan vo says:

    very beautiful picture. i love it.

  9. tjrachel says:

    may i ask?…is there a Korean cloud on board?

  10. jinja says:

    this pilot/airforce role is one way or the other an every man’s dream to experience in a lifetime. Rain is a top gun’s Tom cruise. He must so loving it!

  11. tjrachel says:

    just wondering that a post now on Rain would just bring 12 comments (including mine), whereas before it would bring hundreds of comments. are Rain fans diminishing…but it’s really a marked difference…

  12. Awakening says:

    Rain keeps on falling down, falling down, rain keeps on falling down!! This is because people are now awakened and could see what he is really made of. Times 100 most influencial!!?? All was made up.

  13. […] Rain uploaded an image of himself behind-the-scenes of his upcoming movie “Emergency”. Jong-hyun‘s girl Shin Se-kyung posed with the sexiest man in Asia and their director of […]

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