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Jung Ryeo-won is Too Skinny

Not often heard in Korean entertainment news, netizens are seeing Jung Ryeo-won as “too skinny.”

On fanpresent the pictures on his blog saying, “Recently, Jung Ryeo-won’s face looks really starved. It seems like Ryeo-won is living without eating anything. Please eat something!”

The former Chakra member and actress has always been well-known for being on the skinny side, taking roles of characters that in general can’t eat very well (be it disease in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon,” war “In Love and War,” or psychological problems “Castaway on the Moon”).

Recently, netizens have turned their attention to the diet fad, that never seems to go away. In order to battle the super-skinny trend, fans are trying to show their concern for their featherweight stars.

Yet, some netizens are wondering if this was the work of an anti or an actual fan, “She’s always been skinny and was popular because of it. Anyway, I always thought she could gain some weight,” and “Everyone used to say she’s pretty because she’s skinny. If anything, her face looks different because of aging or botox or something.”

Most comments are sitting on the opinion of “creepy.”

Do you think Ryeo-won needs to gain some weight?


20 Comments on “Jung Ryeo-won is Too Skinny”

  1. lanwookie says:

    picture of beuty is not about skinny …

  2. Gtl says:

    Ewww yes

    Somebody get her a hamburger and bring extra for SNSD since they looked frail and withered in

    • lol says:

      especially Yoona who looks darn-it ugly with skin and bones, no boobs nor butt = no no. EIWL

    • kimberly says:

      why a hamburger? that’s stuffs unhealthy. She could still stay skinny and end up with thrombosis from fast food.

      • orange_fun says:

        Not all hamburgers come from fast food places,and a hamburger can be healthy. It just depends on how you make it.

  3. Saara says:

    Definately, despite being naturally thin anyway, she needs to be nearer to a healthy weight- and i’m sure it wouldn’t make a huge difference to her, rather she’ll just look healthy and not emaciated.

  4. incognito says:

    Skinny is good unless you are taking extreme measure to be that skinny. I hit the gym and take care of myself. Some may say I’m too skinny but what they don’t see is the toned muscle under the clothes. 🙂

  5. Charlotte says:

    Yes, she’s always been skinny. But from the photo recently she become more skinny. Too skinny I would say..
    Let’s say if u go find her old drama like “which star are you from”, she was skinny but still had a pretty n healthy face.

  6. Akira says:

    i alwys thougt that she is too skinny since my name is kim sam soon
    like she can be blow by th wind…sometimes

  7. Kaytruest says:

    She is a little too skinny. It’s nice to see netizens not being total a**holes for once and actually trying to have a celeb gain weight. Although the creepiest thing about this picture in my opinion would be how weirdly massive her foot is. I know it’s just the angle but jeez. Anyways, gain some weight Jung Ryeo-won! Just be healthy again!

  8. benny says:

    she is skinny but I do think the first picture exasperated it her foot is huge.

  9. ashley says:

    ew the first picture she shouldn’t have put her foot out like that it made her look not only too skinny but also deformed lol.

  10. Lynn says:

    She looks very underweight. She’s the unhealthy version of skinny. I would encourage to eat better because she needs more lean muscle as she gets older. While still pretty, she looks frail.

  11. H2O says:

    One word……..ANOREXIC!

  12. pemzey says:

    her face looks a bit too weird…….other than that her body looks okay……can’t believe she is the 1 who played hyun bin’s first love in kim samsoon,she was so pretty then….now she looks completely different.

  13. comet says:

    Like this is news! She has always been skinny.

  14. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    she’s always been skinny even when she was in chakra.
    she can’t help being like that. its just natural

  15. wie says:

    ♥maybe ,she has a good reason why she want to become skinny or just a natural skinny..
    anyway, as long as she’s happy it’s fine..:)

  16. my love Jung ryeo won says:

    I loved her too in any shape even if it were slim, but if this was detrimental to her health I hope to take care of it because I always want her sparkling and beautiful
    I love you Jung Ryeo Won soooooooooooooooo much

  17. thra says:

    I always thought she was beautiful and she looked great in MNIKSS but I didn’t realized she’s suppose to look sickly in the movie. I’m not too cautious of her weight but looking at her current weight, she does look unhealthy. I hope she finds a happy medium that first and far most, works for her, then to others (including the media).

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