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[POP Spot] Jo In-sung’s Airport Runway!

The plane took off, but not before our model actor walked the (invisible) catwalk.

Where was Jo In-sung during the holiday last week? On Children’s Day, the newly discharged member of the Air Force was spotted at the Gimpo Airport.

Papparizzi took an unofficial pictorial of the celebrity working his casual dark-colored clothing. In-sung broke fashion rules sporting green army colored pants, a black-n-gray ribbed shirt, and yellow and gray sneakers. The closest he came to honoring the bright fashion rules of the season was the yellow in his sneakers.

What do you think of In-sung‘s new rules of Style?

Source: Dispatch


6 Comments on “[POP Spot] Jo In-sung’s Airport Runway!”

  1. Saara says:

    I don’t think you can say he broke any fashion rules! you can’t expect him to be dressed up in a bright yellow t-shirt, sky-blue trousers and green shoes just so he can follow the ‘trend’. The only thing important in terms of travelling is to dress comfortably- and as its likely he didn’t want to draw attention to himself, he chose to wear darker colours.
    He looks fine to me- it just shows that its not what you wear, but how you wear it that’s important!

    • Saara says:

      Also, he may be a model, but most models don’t walk around acting as if they’re on a runway- the majority of blogs (altamiranyc) and tv shows (a model life, the model agency) all show that models generally wear chic but comfortable clothes, unless they’ve just left a show…

    • soni says:


  2. lanwookie says: thinking where he heading to? thailand?..or..hahaha…

  3. walastek says:

    Wow! He is so handsome! *sigh* *faint*

  4. walastek says:


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