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[POPSelca] Ko Ah-ra celebrates Parents Day

Ah-ra thanked her Mom, Dad, and Grandparents and expressed her love for them via Twitter.

On May 8th, the “Pacemaker” actress uploaded selcas of herself forming different variations of the heart symbol. The hearts were for the four most important people in her life!

What did netizens think about her sweet message to her family?

“Ara you are so beautiful,…^.^…and a good actress..^.^..fighting Ara Ari

sweet smile… beautiful hair… gorgeous eyes! ^^”

Well, what can you expect from netizens? At least the comments she¬†received¬†were all positive…even though the ones above didn’t mention her guardians.

Sources: Joonggang and @FloARA211


5 Comments on “[POPSelca] Ko Ah-ra celebrates Parents Day”

  1. lollipop says:

    ugh i hate that i look like her…

    • iceprincess says:

      Ha ha ha. This is a good one. I don’t like her either… The heart sign is way overdone, and why did she have to twit to her family ? I think this was just another publicity gesture while she does not gain any popularity from her poor acting. Dahhhhhhhhhhh…. So faked !!

  2. KayBee says:

    She is so……………. beautiful…………………SIGH~~~~

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