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Shin Mina is the Real Deal

Behind-the-scenes photos of the actress at a recent photoshoot reveal that Shin Mina doesn’t need the help of photoshop.

Netizens have gathered the unaltered photos and are going nuts over how cute and beautiful Shin Mina looks, “I thought these photos were the final product from the photoshoot, but they’re just normal photos!”

Fans are certain now that Shin Mina is the real deal beautiful. No wonder the actress has so many modeling offers: they can save on the editing fees.


20 Comments on “Shin Mina is the Real Deal”

  1. lol says:

    is she the one who starred in My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox?

  2. izel says:

    Yes! ; )

  3. Maggie says:

    She is REALLY pretty without makeup, beautiful all made-up, and cute because of her dimples.

  4. valo says:

    is she dating TOP?

  5. anakmanok says:

    oho.. i rmbered wen some fangirls were cursing her n said she was all plastic.. hahah.. now c… our mina is da real beauty!!!!

  6. ashley says:

    cute, I like the shoes and the big mickey mouse hands lol.

  7. pemzey says:

    i love her dimples…..wish i had’em too…….her smile is so blinding…….beautiful.

  8. pinkybaby says:

    she is really natural,,,i like her!!!!!

  9. ivy ramos says:

    your right she is so cut..

  10. knoy says:

    what is the latest project of shin min ah? 🙂

  11. Fluck says:

    another thing, she has this beautiful smile that makes her really really really beautiful!

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