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UEE Has a “Boyfriend”

UEE let the Twitter world know, “I have a boyfriend.”

On her personal Twitter account (@uuuei), the After School member announced, “I have a boyfriend!!!!!*^^* eehee hehe Thank you!!!!^^ Let’s go meet our parents ‘Bear’~^^hehe”

Yes, the boyfriend is actually a cute and cuddly teddy bear.

Yet, fans are still saying, “Ah, I’ve never been jealous of a teddy bear before… until now.”

Do you think UEE would actually reveal if she had a real boyfriend?


9 Comments on “UEE Has a “Boyfriend””

  1. Gtl says:

    Is that an expression on Uee’s face!
    -right click and saves- for the next I think she has no soul or emotions

  2. hirs says:

    neomu gwiyeobda

  3. Aya says:

    i know it was just some pep sweet talk and stuff…but the sentence of that fan’s reply is kinda creeping me out……………for some reason that i dont know why

  4. ashley says:

    it would have been better if she really did have a boyfriend, I wonder what her fans would think lol

  5. OOOOOOkay! says:

    who’s jealous of a teddy bear? yeeeaaa. that is something. anyways i thought she had a boyfriend danggit!!! so close.

  6. New2Korean says:

    Isnt the first line ‘thinking of my boyfriend’?

  7. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    thats an awesome boyfriend

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