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Go Young-wook Stole Lee Joon’s Girlfriend

The good news is that they made up!

Last month on “Strong HeartLee Joon told a heartwrenching story of Go Young-wook (Roo ‘Ra) stealing the heart of his girlfriend, twice, with two different girls. The Roo ‘Ra member joked, “We must have the same taste in women.” Lee Joon still seemed to be a little stiffed by it. Go Young-wook tried to smooth things over on the show saying, “Whenever I meet a girl, the first question I’ll ask is ‘Do you know Lee Joon?'”

The MBLAQ member and the Roo ‘Ra sunbae came together again for variety program “100 Points Out of 100Special Idol Sports Challenge, broadcast last weekend, which brought together 1st and 2nd generation idol stars to compete in various athletic challenges, including sprinting, rollerblading, and arm wrestling.

Go Young-wook uploaded this snapshot from the event today, showing Joon and Young-wook making amends, with the message, “We’ve made up. ㅋ After ‘Strong Heart,’ meeting and making up with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon^^ Broadcast is just broadcastㅋ

Although Lee Joon seemed pretty upset on the “Strong Heart” set, it’s good to see this sunbaehoobae relationship is still okay.

Would you forgive someone so easily if they stole two of your boy/girlfriends? Lee Joon must have a heart of gold.


11 Comments on “Go Young-wook Stole Lee Joon’s Girlfriend”

  1. nhan vo says:

    it is very difficult to say. it really depends on the circumstances.

  2. H2O says:

    The staging of pics like this one is just ridiculous…

  3. OOOOOOkay! says:

    I wonder who’s his girlfriend. lolz. then Go Young Wook stole her. doesnt surprise me hes funny and he acts like a player. i love that guy though! both of them.

  4. nyoong says:

    wow! lee joon is so kind
    Ro Ra stole two of his girlfriend and he s still talks and hangs out with him
    lee joon is cool

  5. don't hate the playa, hate the game! says:

    OMG! it’s the girls who have problem. they shouldn’t go around flirting with other guys if they have a boyfriend. Lee Joon is better off without them!

  6. Kasey says:

    One thing, if they were so easily taken away from him, it should be a sign. If they truly love you or in to you. They wouldn’t be so easily snatch away. It’s a good thing. He wouldn’t want those type of girls in his life anyway. If what’s his face wants them. Give it to him. Carma is always around the corner. Besides, there someone out there who is right for him. He just have to be patient and just play the field while he can. You can come in and out of love like you change a pair of underwears but true love is a bond that is unbreakable.

  7. rukia1335 says:

    i would still be pretty ticked off if someone stole my boyfriend twice, even if they were different. i don’t think joon should have forgave him. what if the next girlfriend was stolen again by him? joon’s just too innocent to learn

  8. paine says:

    I don’t think i would have forgiven that person but maybe after a long time… or it really depends on much i liked that person… really i think that lee joon’s beautiful heart is amazing to have forgiven him just like that… i think deeply that lee joon deserverse better then that…

  9. makiforjyj says:

    Forgiving? Never…. he did it even twice and then joking around like that? And not to talk about such girls, although I would say Joon is better off without such a gf, who needs someone like that… such ppl piss me off.

  10. BLP says:

    Interestingly, Go Young-wook is charged for pedophile and sexual behavior in 2013! 2 years after this episode! This says something! But I wonder if Joon is going to tell the story without letting him know before the show, I mean these shows are very careful about the idol image, so I don’t think it goes without script!

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