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Joo and Leeteuk’s First Duet

Through Joo‘s me2day account (joojype) and Leeteuk‘s Twitter account (@special1004), the two have announced they are doing a duet together. Wasn’t the rumor that the “duet” was with a member of 2PM?

Joo upload the photo with the following message, “Us, and we’re a couple. I, also, completely fell for you. What to do? What to do? You’re mine. You’re mine. If I feel that way, it’s alright. It’s good it’s the two of us.” Seems like lyrics, right?

The Super Junior leader, also, in a similar fashion posted the same image with the message on Twitter, “Even though you know your words melt me like ice cream, again every time I’m deceived. Even though I’m worried it’s become a habit, today, also, I end up smiling. What to do?”

Joo and Wooyoung, Chansung, and Taekyeon had some me2day Internet conversation that led many to believe that Joo and a member or a few members of 2PM would be collaborating together.

On the 6th, Wooyoung wrote in his me2day account, “All women are like this, changing her mind 12 times a day. I thought I knew this, but it’s hard. It’s hard. Because of you, my head hurts.”

Joo answered, “The saying that men really don’t know anything has meaning. Why don’t you know how I feel? Fools haven’t even tried to love.”

On the 7th, Chansung posted, “I can’t get angry. How did this happen?”

Joo answered, “Oppa, you know well enough. Even though I selfishly do as I please, I only have eyes for one person.”

Finally, on the 8th, Taekyeon wrote, “You seemed angry. Even today, I tried so hard. Right after working it out, you smile so brightly. Even though it was so tough on me, I’m falling. I’m falling. Because of you, everyday, I’m falling for you.”

Always on point, netizens guessed, “Seems like lyrics,” and “Could it be 2PM and Joo are doing a song together?”

Now we know it’s a duet between Joo and Super Junior’s Leeteuk.

What do you think of the lyrics so far? It’s been awhile for Super Junior and Joo. Are you looking forward to the duet?


7 Comments on “Joo and Leeteuk’s First Duet”

  1. ara says:

    looking forward because i’m curious about leetuk’s singing.

    and… the lyric… ergh……

  2. LiL Shawty says:

    Are they dating???? Or just doing a duet..?
    I hope they’re not dating….

  3. tiffany says:

    the duet was great!
    you have to listen to it…
    how glad i was that they collaborated.
    though i’m dying of jealousy,its fine as long as a sweet music will be produced…
    ICE cream!
    you are mine oppa!

  4. hi super junior I love gus so much and leeteuk is cut and handsome I wish for you all
    the bast and happyinesst

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