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MBC’s “Audition” Has a Canadian Idol

Do you know Shayne Orok? He is a Canadian student, who may become a Korean idol very soon. He is one of four finalists on MBC‘s “Great Birth” (Star Audition). Who is he? And, why is he on a Korean reality show?

If you remember, Youtube and MBC partnered up for their reality program, searching the globe for the next Korean idol star. Shayne not only made the cut, he’s in the final five.

Shayne’s mother was born in the Philippines and Shayne’s father was born in Canada, and prior to joining the show, Shayne had never learned Korean or been on Korean soil, often having the help of a translator during the show. It’s truly the power of the Internet that brought Shayne to Korea’s spotlight.

Yet the lack of Korean ability hasn’t really stood in his way. As many other foreign contestants were more or less ridiculed for mispronouncing Korean words, Shayne seems to be holding his own on the pronunciation front.

Good luck to Shayne on future broadcasts!

What do you think of the young Canadian? Does he have what it takes?


28 Comments on “MBC’s “Audition” Has a Canadian Idol”

  1. eboy07 says:

    This could be rather intressting.

  2. ohyeah says:

    half filipino? how cool. xD

  3. ashley says:

    good 4 him.

  4. lian95 says:

    pretty interesting…… I was living in Canada.. I wonder what part of the country he is in =)

  5. DBSKsuju says:

    Wow! He is really good at singing~ ^ ^

  6. cdnpoint says:

    He looks young–is he about 18? From Toronto-great city to develop a love of music and strong likelihood of finding music for sale in various places around the city. I don’t know if any Toronto media is following him (English or Korean entertainment shows).

  7. walastek says:

    Good luck Shayne! Mabuhay!!! =)

  8. absynthefairy99 says:

    wow- he’s face could fit in korea or japan…he has a cute doll like face.

  9. Lynn says:

    I wonder how bad the other foreign contestants were. Hmm.

  10. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    UGH…….. THIS is why i HATE MBC Star Auditions.

    • ashley says:


      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        I’m not being racist. It’s just my opinion, i dunno, maybe it’s because I’m korean, but it’s because he’s foreign.

        Although there are some chinese and japanese or mixed koreans in the k-pop industry, I don’t think people that don’t look similar to korean people should be in it.

        I think people are just letting him in because of the international fans. I don’t even like that there are Thai girls in that Rania group.
        Yes, i love Thailand, i’ve been there, but i don’t think they should be in kpop.

        I’m seriously not racist. Please do not take it the wrong way, I just think like this when it only comes to k-pop. I just don’t want k-pop to change too much. I’ve been listening to it for the past 12-13 years of my life. And so much has changed….

        • agreed~ says:

          I share your pain!! D:
          These days Korean groups are invading Japan and they’re even invited to Kohako because of the pressure of [most probably overseas] fans. Hello? Kohaku is Japanese Music Festival for Japanese artists. I like both Kpop and Jpop but really Koreans should just stay in Korea. I’m waiting for the fad to go away, which I speculate to be over sooner or later since last time people voted for “I don’t hear Kpop music” and scored second place, and for Kpop groups to go back to Korea, they’ve been busy promoting here and there and I miss them in variety shows D:

          • Markie says:

            Thats like telling the Mexicans to stay out of the United states. You dont see me complaining.
            And when they go to Japan to promote its because they have fans there who deserve to see them to. OMG If they came to America I would be so static I would prolly die a happy person.
            Seeing those comments I just wanna be like “Well when a foreign person Comes here i will tell them they need to go back to there own country” 0____0;

            And to the Changing part.. Things HAVE to change, If things never change then the world would go to hell. Like people being Racist (Im NOT saying you are..) If that didnt change then we would still have slavery. MUSIC is always changing.. Its Life and nothing can stop it.
            You look back on the old music LIke H.O.T And Shinhwa.. Ohh so different.. Or in America.. Back street boys and NSYNC. >.<

            As long as then can at least speak the language or want to try and learn it.. Then they have every right to be in that country.

        • Heidi says:

          ohh shup up! you know you are not been racist, but you sure are xenophobic and egoist xD

        • Anna Neemous says:

          Ohh okay. Then i guess you’d be completely against a Korean becoming a star in another country. You should suck it up and stand back. The world is changing and becoming interracial. In music as well. If you can’t take it, let the world move on without you

  11. bodyandseoul says:

    he’s a good looking kid…but he has a crazy lazy left eye… it was tripping me out…

  12. Kasey says:

    That is great, I was rooting for him. He was one of my favorites. I have a feeling he might make it. If not someone for sure will pick him up. He is very talented.

  13. musikluva says:

    gawd im luvin his voice *____*
    best of luck to him ^^

  14. pru says:

    GO canada! I don’t know about this show… but I hope he goes far 🙂

  15. Li Naya says:

    It’s good that MBC becones more open-minded and dont only take Korean People. I’m not Asian And I want one day being a singer in Korea and Why not an Idol….

    The most important thing is Talent not origins!!!

  16. Heidi says:

    this is the result of globalization xD i realy like the way he sings. Go Shayne! =)

    i understand that people are worried for some of the idol that go and stay to much in japan, because that country does not return the idols back, that’s for sure xD

    and for those who say things like: “the korean idols should stay only in korea”. let me say to you, that you are BAD FANS and Egoist people. Only thinking of your entertaiment and not in their sucess. You have to get used to that Idols don’t want to stay only in Korea, many of them already expanded to Japan, Europe, USA and now they want to go to South America 😉

  17. you are so right ounni…. there are many people who wants to be a korean idol, and why won’t they let them?!? that’s a bit rude…………………

  18. GoAway says:

    Ridiculed for mispronouncing the Korean language!!??? Hell! They butcher the English language ALL THE TIME!! They even use it offensively too. But does they give a rats ass!??…NO! Korea has their hallyu wave stick way far up their buttholes. Seriously!

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