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2NE1 is “Lonely” in Seoul

Are you alone? Walk the never-ending path of loneliness with 2NE1! The song displayed in this music video, “Lonely“, is about not being satisfied with anything in life. Even if you are dating or with others at parties etc, you can never rid of the loneliness you feel. Don’t we have a pill for that?

Despite the concept, the girls showcase their stellar vocal ability in this brand new ballad.

What do you think of “Lonely”?

Source: 2NE1’s Official Youtube Channel


22 Comments on “2NE1 is “Lonely” in Seoul”

  1. xyer says:

    i like this song
    they always show the new thing for kpop

  2. jj says:

    I’m not feeling this song first time. Might have to listen to a lot more.

  3. chueyman says:

    Hallelujah! No autotune!
    I seriously think Minzy is the best singer! I know Bom has got better vocal range, but Minzy is the only who’s voice is smooth and pleasant to listen to without that whiny twang in her voice. And Dara still nothing to brag about.

    • yoshi says:

      So true! I’ve always liked Minzy’s voice better than Bom’s and CL’s cause it’s not as annoying! As for Dara, I just find it funny how they used so much backup vocals for her parts! Well, better backup vocals then autotune!

      • ashley says:

        I love Minji and CL singing voices Bom is good to but she used to sound waaaay better before she joined 2NE1.

  4. Kim says:

    I think this song is one of their more disappointing ones. But the overload of Balmain is pleasant to look at.

  5. cdnpoint says:

    Acoustic guitar is appreciated and the melody too. Wish the song lyrics had more depth and did not use the words “baby”, “so”, “lonely”, and “girl”.
    This group has vocals that have a break free from Autotune. +10!!! 🙂 Overdue concept, letting their own voices prevail.

  6. ashley says:

    I love the song and the high heels they are wearing they so cool and the heels are so skinny I wonder how they walk in them.

  7. X2RaBLAQ says:

    I can totolly feel that song!!! Now im really lonely.

  8. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i like the song

  9. blacktam says:

    YEAH 2NE1!!!!! they are more potentially professional singer than SNSD bitche they only do bitch dancing and some loser songsss…. da mr. taxi that ain even appropriate the tilte shoul be mr. taxi driver….. that how SNSD and SM makes there stupid songs……

  10. solid fan of 2ne1 says:

    hellow 2ne1!sana mabasa ni sandara park ito kc tagalog ako!
    sana kapag nagconcert sila sa pilipinas sana poh mag concert poh kayo sa pampanga sa robinson o sa nepo mall salamat 2ne1

  11. gyurmed says:

    jst luv 2ne1 ………… imaO ^^

  12. gyurmed says:

    i’ve alwayS likd their song”S n dis one is one of them… becaz here they did not use any effects widd their vocal”s……. way to go 2ne1 n i support daragon……yuh guys luk awesome tuhgetha…. ;D

  13. gyurmed says:

    imaO…….JST LUV THEIR HEELS N JACKTS….n CL”s last look^^

  14. filipino blackjacks says:

    2NE1 in the Philippines
    2NE1 The Party Concert Photos & Videos @ araneta coliseum

    trivia: araneta coliseum is the venue when sandara hails as 1st runner up for Star Circle Quest. now she made a comeback and perform.

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