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“49 Days” Takes an Interesting Turn

SBS drama “49 Days” is gaining a lot of attention as it’s nearing its final episode. This article contains SPOILERS from Episode 17!

In the 17th episode, our depressed heroine (Song Lee-kyung, played by Lee Yo-won) tells her body-less soul counterpart (Shin Ji-hyun, played by Nam Gyuri), “Borrow my body,” adding a new dimension to the storyline that didn’t involve some more common Korean drama plot developments.

In the last episode, things looked drear for Shin Ji-hyun, as Song Lee-kyung was heading to Busan, but later, Song Lee-kyung not only agrees to return to Seoul, she tells the soul girl to use her body to make things right.

This creates something like and identical twin effect, where outsiders can’t tell if it’s Shin Ji-hyun or Song Lee-kyung inside of Song Lee-kyung’s body, even though a number of other characters have come to know about the possession.

Drama fans are applauding “49 Days” for creating a complex, intertwined love story without making it too confusing or creating “beyond imagination evil” characters. They are also impressed with Lee Yo-won’s acting, as she seems to fall easily between three characters: present Song Lee-kyung, past Song Lee-kyung, and Shin Ji-hyun possessing Song Lee-kyung.

Scheduled for 20 episodes, this fantasy drama will have to answer a lot of questions in the next three episodes, as Shin Ji-hyun only has 9 days left and only one tear. Episode 18 airs tonight!

Do you think Shin Ji-hyun will be able to live again? Will Song Lee-kyung ever meet Mr. Scheduler? What about Han Kang: will he ever be able to outwardly express his love?


6 Comments on ““49 Days” Takes an Interesting Turn”

  1. halymah says:

    i love this drama …… when i watch this drama like the all my body is hurting .that how nice the story and the actor and the actress the are so good the know well how to turn up side our mind love so much this drama i cant wait 4 next episode ……………….

  2. ifat3 says:

    i first starting ti watch the drama following a recommendation from a friend and from the first episode i’ve been hooked, i really hopes that everything will work out for Shin Ji-hyun and Han Kang and of course for Song Lee-kyung and the scheduler

  3. comet says:

    M still not sure who gave Ji-hyun the 2nd tear.

  4. eris2 says:

    just watched episode 18: daebak!

  5. dee;) says:

    i love this drama. my mum watch them too,,haha

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