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“Fountain Couple” Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young

Say hello to drama’s hot new couple, Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young.

During filming for upcoming drama “City Hunter,” these snapshots were taken, showing the new couple playing in a water fountain at the Han River Park in Yeouido, Seoul. The “couple” splashes around and even manages to play with some of the local children.

The production urges viewers, “Please look forward to a romantic and exciting Lee Min-ho-Park Min-young couple.”

Netizens are saying, “Ah, they look like a real couple,” and “A date like that would be a dream,” and “I can’t wait until the drama starts!”

“City Hunter” will be taking the Wednesday-Thursday lineup position after the conclusion of fantasy drama “49 Days.” With the return of flower boy powerhouse Lee Min-ho, already the drama has a lot of good publicity.

“City Hunter” will have its first episode on May 25th on SBS.

Are you excited for this new drama?


23 Comments on ““Fountain Couple” Lee Min-ho and Park Min-young”

  1. Baptong says:

    Cool pictures.


  2. Dood says:

    God, I hate his high-waters.

  3. Maggie says:

    hmmm looks like i have drama to look forward to…finally. i like these two.

  4. mamae says:

    as long as lee min ho is in it i most dfinitely will watch this drama

  5. Verna Nicolas says:

    I wish Im that girl with Lee Min Ho! Btw, nice shots :>
    —————————————————————————————————- – follow me on twitter 😀 Thanks!

  6. tru t says:

    they look more like friends than couple. will wait for it cos of lee min ho

  7. ifat3 says:

    i’m so exciting, can’t wait.

  8. ara says:

    min ho looks so tall… ahaha. he looks like a hwangja in suit, and most of all, while playing with the little boy scene.

    loving the pictures.

  9. Dovey says:

    Awww, how cute! ^^

  10. nyooung says:

    they ‘re such a cute couple

  11. kariina says:

    I liked the photo
    but I’d rather Lee Min Ho take a photo with Gyo Hye Sun,,

  12. prajakta says:

    nice pic but instead of her i hope me 2 be there

  13. May Chain says:

    Nice view. I also love water.

  14. LiL Shawty -SuJu says:

    Naaws cute ;3
    If only they were an actual couple ;3

  15. myatt mon says:

    I like Lee Min Ho so much. and Park Min Young too.

  16. DeeDee says:

    He is too dayum skinny for me…

  17. aimee says:

    i miss lee min ho & son ye jin!!!

  18. ilove and miss lee min ho

  19. As outlined by playing with a child really that humble and very nice

  20. bakekoq says:

    wah, it’s their next meeting after “I am Sam”, right??
    Hopefully, it’ll be really romantic..

  21. mega_leeminho says:


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