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Heo Young-saeng: “Let It Go”

SS501’s Heo Young-saeng recently released the music video for his first single “Let It Go and his very first solo mini album. Now, what is the concept of this music video? He enters a restaurant/upscale club, dances a bit, and then ducks outside. I’m not going to disclose the ending, but I’m very disappointed in his music video. I expected something more extravagant and appealing to the eyes than his fellow members’ (Park Jung-min and Kim Hyung-jun) videos. Jung-min‘s was intriguing, and Hyung-jun‘s was not only surprising but also entertaining. Honestly, this is a tad boring. Where’s the energy?

What do you think of “Let It Go“?

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12 Comments on “Heo Young-saeng: “Let It Go””

  1. pat says:

    he has a pure vice,why did they mess with it? Not he personality, really.

  2. nikolena100 says:

    people had different opinion. For me everything in YS are awesome……acting..etc. Bcuz i am YS FANS!

    Iloveu YS forever
    Love & big support

    I will buy lots of YS mini album and i will give to all my friends as present.

  3. missy says:

    i loved the opening..and then clicked off..
    ehh not my style..wanted something hot

  4. queenbqty says:

    Young Saeng is hot! Its a nice song and a nice video! I do prefer YS singing ballads because he has a beautiful voice, but this song is good enough to make me want his album.
    Its a must-buy!
    Sexy Saeng, great job, yeah!

  5. ShereeN says:

    i expected more from him..but so sad … he has a good voice but sometime i can’t hear what he said coz the music background was to loud..i just heared Let It Go..Let It Go..Let It Go..hmmmmm….

  6. tishP says:

    I love this song, and video. He looks good. The begging shows the other music that is coming from him.l like the loud and quit parts in the song. Can’t wait till more music from ys.

  7. theblackcat1236 says:

    I liked the song because it was unique. It’s a perfect blend of his ballad-like voice and dance music 🙂 It’s not your average dance track.

  8. chichang says:

    i think i liked the girl better than him

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i like the song~

  10. Kasey says:

    They didn’t do him justice, I am a lost for words, I love the song it was great, the rap part kinda killed it for me. The video not so much, I love seeing him though. Its like they want to turn him into someone he is not. They could have done something different that was more be fitting for him. HYS, you might need to go with a new agency if the next one doesn’t pand out. Overall the song was great.

  11. jhensaeng says:

    i do love oppa young saeng…..
    i love the song…
    oppa keep on figthing….
    sarang hae….

  12. atsamita says:

    nice voice, i like the song.

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