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Jay Park’s Comeback Stage on “M! Countdown”

Fans are saying, “Jay’s stage was daebak.”

This month marks Jay Park‘s big comeback to music shows, and today was the broadcast of “M! Countdown,” where Jay performed his title song “Abandoned” with dok2.

The reaction so far has been warm, “Daebak,” and, “As expected, Jay performed well.”

See the performance for yourself below:

What did you think of the performance?

f(x) was the big winner of “M! Countdown” tonight, but this will definitely go down as a win for Jay Park.


17 Comments on “Jay Park’s Comeback Stage on “M! Countdown””

  1. johyn says:

    is this the start of the Jayyu? (like hallyu)


  2. Mully says:

    O…v…e…r…r…a…t..e…d , bootleg Taeyang.

    Wake me when he sings more than half of his song.

    • ashley says:

      lol don’t let his crazy fans hear u say something bad about him or they will hunt u down.

      • Mully says:

        Just keeping it real and I have no hate for him. Actually liked the video. Just looks silly to me to have half your song played by a CD while the “singer” randomly chimes in. I know everybody uses an audio backing track but he uses it like T-Pain uses auto-tune.

    • JaeAngie says:

      his NOT BOOTLEG anyone….

      his is on his own with himslef all the way & ya i like the Jayyu…

  3. dan says:

    there is only one thing he’s good at. imitating the black gansters from the projects.

  4. tiaramgl says:

    yeah hot black gangster Who cares? He,s really good this kind of thing

  5. eboy07 says:

    The rapping could have left out. I dont like korean rap that much.

  6. JaeAngie says:

    Y does you HATE HIM… BUT who cares JAYWALKERZ are with him,
    H*** with the any1 that only NOW how to criticize but DONT NOW to appreciate…
    1 thing i’m sure he got, voice, skilled & talent all in 1 & that Y lot’s of DISLIKED but i’m sure LIKED are more kkkkkk

  7. JaeAngie says:

    hahahaha just realize it should be KNOW not NOW

  8. emi says:

    nice one jay ! the audience had a nice time too they are chanting ”JAEBUM JAEBUM JAEBUM,JAY JAY JAY ”.nice song !

  9. karajjang says:

    i’m truly loving his stage presence… his song, his dance and just his charisma on stage!! welcome back, jay. we missed you!

  10. jaywalker says:

    Jay is back!!!! He is really talented and well, it;s hard for him to overcome all these period. He also had mentioned that he had a hard time being in Korea. Only him alone in Korea; missing parents and also feeling not well with the food initially in Korea. It;s really hard for a person from other country to survive like this;) and now he is back;) SUPPORT JAY hope he will have a chance to perform with 2pm again in the same stage;) Proud to be JayWalker and Hottest;)

  11. Ella & Maggi says:

    Jay Park, you are the best !!!! <3333

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