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JYJ and Han Hye-jin Will Attend the Asian Dream Cup

Hallryu stars JYJ and actress Han Hye-jin will be adding some star power to Park Jisung‘s charity foundation’s soccer event Asian Dream Cup in Vietnam.

The event is hosted by the JS Foundation, the charity organization created by Korean soccer star Park Jisung (Manchester United FC). According the the JS Foundation website, the Asian Dream Cup is a “charity football game… with the purpose of improving [the] football environment in Southeast Asia and to deliver hope and support to young talented football players.”

The soccer fans they are, JYJ will not only be performing at the half-time show, they will also participate in the “Vietnam Male Youth Clinic.”

Actress, Han Hye-jin, who gained Hallryu status with her role in the drama “Jumong,” will be the event’s First Lady, acting as the “face” of the event.

Already, the Asian Dream Cup has recruited soccer players Patrice Evra, Lee Young-pyo, Jung Jo-guk, Lee Chung-yong, and Jung Dae-se for the event, and they are currently requesting help from Chinese and Japanese soccer stars. They hope to encourage youngsters to follow their soccer dreams while creating a better sporting infrastructure throughout all of Asia.

The Asian Dream Cup will be held on June 15th, in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam at the Thong Nhat Stadium.

It’s good to see these Hallryu stars helping out charities such as this one.


3 Comments on “JYJ and Han Hye-jin Will Attend the Asian Dream Cup”

  1. chaimoon says:

    HHJ is great in the drama The Thorn Birds! Such great acting and they look together with the lead actor Sanguk! I love your love team.

  2. hi says:

    i think the REAL stars of this event are the soccer players, but it’s nice of these guys to help out~

  3. umm... says:

    true. what a great charity event though. sports are generally good for young people cause it builds up virtues such as diligence and teamwork and leads them away from involvement with other unhealthy or harmful activities

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