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Kara Returns to Korea

After 5 months of inactivity in Korea, Korean fans can finally see Kara member faces on TV. It’s been an eternity in terms of the Korean entertainment time scale.

They came in for filming for variety program “Strong Heart.” In support of Gu Hara‘s acting debut in the upcoming drama “City Hunter,” all of the Kara members joined in the filming.

In addition to supporting their fellow member, there’s a plan to explain why they haven’t been able to do domestic activities and look for understanding from their fans. It’s been a full 5 months since the girl group finished up their promotion of the single, “Jumping.” Also, on June 11, Kara will have their second fan meeting since then, appropriately titled, “Words I want to say…”

Though it isn’t much, fans are happy for Kara’s small return to the spotlight.

What do you think they’ll say, especially about situation with rumors of conflicts with management and breaking up the team?


11 Comments on “Kara Returns to Korea”

  1. Mee Eun says:

    First 😀
    ahh i can’t wait i love them~ They’re so cute i love it haha

  2. OOOOOOkay! says:

    yay!!! i miss them especially Nicole and the rest!!! lolz. no doubt they r awesome.

  3. wha says:

    they were gone? lol

  4. ara says:

    i’m new to kara. and that’s because Simon & Martina’s KPop Music Monday videos on youtube.
    i watched their live performance video of “Mister” (due to the intro dance that was discussed on KMM), and i don’t think i heard them singing well on that stage.

    so basically, i just want to know whether they’re good or not. In singing, i mean.

    • dan says:

      uummm there are only a couple singers in the whole korean industry that can actually sing. the rest ALL SUCK and are only good for jumping around on stage. your question makes no sense.

    • umm... says:

      usually, “idols” are more like entertainers than full-blown singers. however, some do can sing such some members of the now disbanded dbsk, 2ne1, taeyeon in snsd, etc. however, usually the idols’ performances are not so much focused on singing capabilities as it is with entertainment, dances, catchy tunes, persons people can follow, etc. that’s why most of them guest on tv shows and reality shows as well.

      if you’re really looking for singers who are focused on music, try Trax (disbanded as well but songs are still online), Clazziquai, etc.

  5. ashley says:

    oh! lol nvm I though he said that Kara was the only group that can sign lol! ok now that I have reread what he said I agree with him, wow that was a close one. I thought he went crazy for a minute.

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