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Miss A releases Love Alone

Do you love stalking following your favorite K-pop stars around at events? Have you ever visited them in their dressing rooms?

Well, you can now minus the threat of being ushered by a friendly security officer toward the exit! Due to popular demand, MissA released an official behind-the-scenes music video of their performance of “Love Alone.” In the video, the girls are  forever prepping themselves to go on stage. How long does it take us to get ready? While we watch them prepare, scenes from their performance at Kim Yu-na‘s Skating Event flash by. 

Enjoy American producer Fuego‘s English song for MissA entitled “Love Alone”right here!

Source: MissA’s Youtube Channel


5 Comments on “Miss A releases Love Alone”

  1. missy says:

    1. not the best song.. it’s not American style at all… too boring.. vocally very monotone.. i really only hear at most 2 girls singing… the song should ahv ebeen sung with some range.. but i guess deep is all they can do??? o.o
    2. the outfits were horrible
    3. the dancing wasn’t that good…
    4. i don’t wanna stare at them.. i wish they would ahve shown kim yuna skating while the song plays..

    • ashley says:

      shut up u talk like u know everything…… your such a dumb bitch, and America has nothing to do with this song they are not tryign to work in the US music market, so just do everyone a favor and Shut Up.

  2. theblackcat1236 says:

    I thought this was a bit lacking. I heard the song at first and it wasn’t terribly difficult so I expected difficult choreography but the choreography was average as well. Are they promoting this? Because “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “Breathe” were much better.

  3. harley quinn says:

    I love this song, but i’m very disappointed with this music video, I thought it will be some sort of love story

    • k-pop luver! says:

      i love the song too but i disagree with the mv part 😛 sorry but i’m kinda glad that its not some love story again because i kinda get bored that basically all k-pop songs are about love so i was glad the mv at least wasn’t about love 😀

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