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Park Jung-min discovers his beauty for JN NEOTERIC

Meet Mr. Gorgeous!

JN NEOTERIC has personally chosen SS501’s Park Jung-min to be their representative brand model. The new “spokesmodel” will not only show off his made up face, he will share skincare tips, and help design containers and bottles. Will he put his personal touch on the forever popular guyliner?

What did the company say about their very involved male model?

“…….we felt that we couldn’t find a better fit than Park Jung Min. Not only does he have the image we were looking for, but he also possesses the talent and experience of working all over Asia as well.”

Congrats to Park Jung-min!

Source: Sports Chosun


23 Comments on “Park Jung-min discovers his beauty for JN NEOTERIC”

  1. ms.park says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaah i love him my bf lol

  2. Mina says:

    Oh, my! He is sooooo good-looking. Anyway how comes that each member of ss501 is so handsome?
    They are great, even that I’m not really a big fan of their songs.

  3. Saara says:

    He is good looking, but I can’t help but to remember when he went to that event (awards show?) and looked like a girl. He definitely needs some harshness to his look- maybe stroner/rougher hair to balance his face…

  4. BBQ says:

    Anybody else thinks he looks like a twin of actor Noh Min Woo?
    If PJM dyed his hair back to black, no one would be able to tell them apart.
    They must have the same plastic surgeon, who ran out of ideas. LOL

    • ashley says:

      I dissagree, they both have the so called “pretty boy face” but they don’t look same at all to me.

    • llkrkr says:

      jung min has no plastic surgery!!!real fans know is his real beauty.he was all time handsome ,because of that, he was so popular in even his childhood days.and i think he is very different from no min woo.

    • midas says:

      im also dont agreed with u. he;s not making his face. maybe u are the only one who thinks he looks like Noh Min Woo. but his face is exclusive.

      • manny says:

        i just saw these comments…i’m a big SS501 fan and jung min is my no.2.=)…i just endet “my girlfriend is a gumiho” and i thought all the time, that no min woo is a jung min look-alike with those hair…they are both very good looking, but jung min didn’t have any plastic surgeries…there are many pics from his youth age or childhood, he had always that beautiful nose and that face…=)…

  5. Yeh he kind of looks girly.. he needs to be toughen up

  6. benny says:

    maybe its just me but sex appeal? him?…. no..I just wanna make his shirt less white..Dunno pour ketchup all over it.

  7. lissa says:

    and gwapo naman ng lalaking to. mamahagi ka naman ng kagandahang lalaki mo, hehehe!!!

  8. queenbqty says:

    Yes, he is gorgeous and sexy as hell! More of “Sexy Charisma”, please!

  9. ashley says:

    He look so good without heavy makeup, Love it!

  10. Mayra says:

    Doesn’t he kind of resemble Taeyeon from SNSD in this picture? Idk i think its the eyes but he makes me feel ugly thats for sure lol

  11. Manu says:

    I liked how he looked best when his hair was dyed silver, but this is a close second. It doesn’t really matter though, I’ll always support him! JungMinnie-oppa Fighting!

  12. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    thats a good pic~

  13. Kasey says:

    Speechless, oooo la la

  14. nina says:

    i want to kiss him~~

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