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[POPSelca] Hyunah is Pretending She Has a V-Line

4Minutes’s front lady Hyunah presents us with a classic selca shot, displaying her fake(?) V-line.

The singer/rapper uploaded this selca shot onto her personal Twitter account (@4M_hyunah) today with the message, “Pretending to have a jawline.”

This is definitely a selca classic, following all the basic rules: 45-degree angle, capture the V-line, tilt the head down to make the eyes look huge, even the color contacts. Some fans are saying this is Hyunah’s entry into being an ulzzang.

Many are commenting in her use of the word “pretending,” saying, “Pretty, pretty, jawline and neckline!” and “She definitely has a jawline, what ‘pretending’?” and “As expected from the ‘Selca Queen.'”

POPSelca Tip: Sometimes the caption is just as important (or more) as the picture. Be sure to use a clever caption to get the netizens talking.


61 Comments on “[POPSelca] Hyunah is Pretending She Has a V-Line”

  1. furukawa says:

    i still hyuna isnt that pretty,she’s just a regular type. but her dance is okey.

    • ashley says:

      me too she looks ok but I personally thinks she looks like a ghost everytime I see her in a picture, maybe if she was a little more tan she would look better.

      • how? says:

        i still dont get how women judge women :S are u all lesbians?
        its like me saying brad pitt dosent look good. it makes no damn sense.

        • ashley says:

          she is pretty but I personally think she is a little pale I don’t hate her and if u think she is hot ok that deosn’t mean everyone will think the same as u.

          • kong says:

            fuck u la!!!

            • ashley says:

              I don’t know who u are but can u stop bing a troll because I didn’t do anything so u should save your comments for the people who actually said rude things about her. I really don’t get most of u people it seems like u are just trying to join in and say something rude, all it is doing is making u look childish.

        • ashley says:

          oh and sorry for posting so much but I just wanted to say one more thing not everyone thinks BradPitt is good looking alot do I agree but not everyone because generalizations usually aren’t always true. Remember “beatuy is in the eye of the beholder’ everyone has their own view on what is pretty to them.

          • how? says:

            u missed the point. forget her being hot or not….but at least let the opposite sex judge that..:S women judging if a women is hot or not is just….weird.

            • ashley says:

              yeah my male friends say that all the time because I know guys don’t do that unless they are gay so I can see what u are saying. Also I’m not sure but to me I always saw it has a unspoken rule that its ok for girls to say if a other girl is hot,cute, or ugly. My friend that is a girl even asked me that its ok for stright girls to say that and said yes but her boyfriend said no because it’s seems weird. It’s kinda like how girl go to the rest room together to fix their make up or talk but guys don’t .

              • OOOOOOkay! says:

                actually everyone judges everyone. u cant just judge one gender in particular cuz ur just speaking nonsense. that was pretty naive to say girls cant judge girls. we can say what we want about each other it doesnt really matter. and how is that gay? that doesnt even make any sense. oooo i judged a chick and im a chick, so gay. really? but, nah u shouldnt think like that its not realistic.

                • how? says:

                  so….if u find a girl attractive what exactly does that mean? that u wanna make love to her? or that shes attractive like…fancy jewelry..?
                  if its the latter then u just prove my point.

                  p.s the first is wht guys mean when they call someone pretty/hot/cute. “sexy” is a little different though.

                  • OOOOOOkay! says:

                    no it doesn’t XD! i just said its not gay. u r just making it out to be that way. u
                    r still not making any sense u sound ridiculous..yeah yeah yeah watevs.

                  • happie45 says:

                    As a girl, when I say another girl ispretty,I meant:howI wishI couldbelikeher.

            • Answer says:

              women judge women because thats what women do. they find what that they don’t have and compare. it’s like guys juding other guys… why do we do that? i don’t know, but we just do. we talk about how a women can make her look better, or what is too much with it

  2. ethelea says:

    Whoever did her nose srsly f*cked up.

  3. Mully says:

    She looks old for her age. Must be the desperate attempts to look promiscuous.

  4. OOOOOOkay! says:

    what about the other members!? theres more to life than hyuna!!! lolz. but nah, shes really the meg griffin of the group to me. gayoon is the best along with their leader she looks like an angel!!!

  5. benny says:

    wow vain much

  6. theblackcat1236 says:

    Her makeup artist… Did not do a very good job o_o They contoured the nose really awkwardly and there’s that random dot under the eye :/

  7. chibie says:

    are there any news update from lyh? please find us

  8. lol says:

    Fake nose is fake.

  9. Dreaming says:

    LOL! Nice nosejob!

  10. Jason says:

    LOL @ all the ugly people hating on hyuna. She’s beautiful!

    • ashley says:

      just because everyone doesn’t find her hot does not mean they are ugly, its not like u can see them so shut up.

      • how? says:

        i think it was darwin or dickens who said only ugly people have a need to put people down..and it makes sense in a way. good looking people arent pessimistic.

        further proof would be u trying to justify urself by a lame ” its not like u can see them” …..the same can be said about how people here just blatantly call every artist plastic. ” not like u’ve seen her get it done..”

        most people who hang out on forums are ugly. sad but true.

        • ashley says:

          so are u calling your self ugly lol wow, and I use to think the same thing to but I know a lot of pretty guys and girls that are mean so what u say is not true. and I personally don’t think I’m ugly I’m not afaid to show my face I do dance covers on youtube and I like a lot of kpop stars but I go 4 personallity and not looks when it comes to judging people. I try to like Hyunha(has a fan) because shes a 92er like me but I can’t because she seems a little anoying sorry.. even though I don’t know her personally. So plz don’t get mad at the peole who say other wise about her that u don’t agree with because u might start a fan war.

        • ashley says:

          and u and every other fan of hers should not get upset and call people who are stating their opinion ugly thats one thing I hate about some kpop fans they go cazy if you say something they don’t agree with,it’s not like the idols will go to these web sites and read what people say about them because I admit I use to do that when someone said something I didn’t like but now I realize there is no point of getting mad because at the end of the day their are more importan things to worry about so we shouldn’t fight with people online over silly things.

          • how? says:

            oh uve got it wrong im not trying to say that the guy above who called people here ugly is right….im just saying i can understand wher hes coming from….as far as stereotypes go . but as mentioned earlier….the same goes for all the people here who randomly call them plastic…based on a similar stereotype. so if ur letting that slide….then u shoulve let the ‘ugly’ comment slide as well.

            hope that makes sense.


            • ashley says:

              oh ok but I have no clue if she is plastic or not so I can’t defend her that’s why I said nothing sorry if u miss understanded me.

              • OOOOOOkay! says:

                i may not like her ,but i’m sure as hell that im not ugly. its so true when they say pretty girls are mean too. im not mean i ust dont like the attention she garners away from the members shes in the spotlight and trying super hard to stay there when her other members are talented as well. i dont think she should do that the other members r just as important but, when u focus on just one person being the best. she isnt even the leader. yeah hyuna may be gorgeous but, she cant always be like that. in my eyes shes not the best thats y i dont like her. lolz. theres a reason for everything u cant just assume we r all hating on her. some r tho.

        • fany says:

          Some of the biggest bullies in our class are the so-called “popular group” of blondies with orange tans who would define themselves as beautiful. Some of the nicest people I know are not very good looking. How dare you insult unattractive people by insinuating ugly people so negatively. That’s exactly what a lot of Korean people believe- that appearances is everything and ugly people are less trustworthy and so their parent’s drive them to undergo surgery.

      • Kellyu says:

        Well you’re a whore and you should shut the hell up, thank you.

        • ashley says:

          why are u attacking me? I said that I don’t think Hyuna is ugly, she is pretty but I don’t seem to here news about the rest of the girls, I did not come here to start a fight and other people said rude things about her but u only come after me? Sorry if I said anything to offend u. I not trying to show off I was just saying that its silly to say that everyone that comes to blogs is ugly.

          • how? says:

            the word “everyone” wasnt used.
            more often than not it is the ugly people who tend to be pessimistic about everything, low self esteem u see……

            • ashley says:

              ok I understand but when I think about it I do know some people who are ugly and mean more than the people who were pretty and mean. My mom and my friends told me that the ugly people that are mean just said mean things about other people to make themselves feel better, so I get what your saying that its more likely to be jealous people who make rude remarks than then people who are at peace with themselves and nicer. But u should remember that there are people who are pretty and mean because they think they are all that and everything.

      • Jason says:

        STFU. You are the ugliest bitch here lol

        • ashley says:

          Jason didn’t u read my other post? If u did u would see what I was talking about but whatever…. I’m done, I’m not trying to start fight so yeah, like I said before sorry if I or if anyone else offended u or any other Hyunha fans ok, and to just let u know one more time I never called her ugly so you can save your rude comments for the people who actually did,bye now.

  11. 0330 says:

    shes normal to me.
    she have a cute voice.
    i dont really like the picture.

  12. kimberly says:

    I don’t have a problem with the way she looks, I just find the way she dances to be overrated. All she does is plant her feet on the group and wiggle her bum around. That’s all she can do.

  13. samsilver says:

    she is soooooo cool and i love her

    and she is so hoooooooot

    i love her makeup 🙂

  14. FckingBalls says:

    That nose of hers looks so ugly.
    Seriously shes the only girl in 4 minute who looks constipated 24-7
    Hyuna is seriously overrated.

  15. kimeru says:

    PITTY HYUNAH 😦 😦 😦 😦

  16. nath says:

    huumm.. her nose looks so natural… U.U””

  17. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    she has beautiful skin~

  18. klara says:

    I don’t understand this obsession with “v-line” that Korean society has. Some Koreans even undergo orthognathic surgery (which is a very serious surgery ) to achieve this look. It’s not even that attractive. Most women that are considered to be classically beautiful actually have sqaure jaw – e.g. Isabella Rossellini, Catherine Deneuve, Cindy Crawford, Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Maggie Cheung – the list goes on. Also a lot of high fashion models ( Amber Valetta, Shalom Harlow and many models from Eastern Europe) have square and angular jaw line. The only glaring exception would be Elizabeth Taylor. I just don’t get it!

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