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Why is Suzy Crying?

It’s not acting. The Miss A member found herself overflowing with emotion on a recent taping of SBS variety program “Home Sweet Home Outing.” Can you guess why she’s shedding tears?

Yes, her family. On the 13th, “Home Sweet Home Outing” will reunite Suzy with her hometown family and friends via live video feed. Ever since debuting, the Miss A mangnae has been too busy, only able to visit her hometown Gwangju once.

Suzy’s parents and younger brother express their love and pride for their family idol star.

You can catch the episode on May 13th on SBS.


15 Comments on “Why is Suzy Crying?”

  1. :D says:

    aww suzy!! ><"~~

  2. iDid says:

    She’s also crying for being in an industry/country where they call her legs fat. Check out his vid:

    btw, how messed up it is for korean tv news programs to call TEENAGE girls fat and filming them that way….almost going under their skirt(sulli’s case). No wonder i see many anorexic kpop girls….

    • eris2 says:

      yeah, that’s messed up.

    • Aya says:

      huh? i always thought arirang was open minded……….i pity them

    • orange_fun says:

      I just think its absolutely mind blowing that they view as healthy, strong legs as a bad thing. Healthy is beautiful, weak and frail is not. Suzy should not get down on these kinds of comments because it is not her fault that she is beautiful and her haters can’t take it…..*sigh*what a jealous world we live in.

    • orange_fun says:

      All the girls that they showed seemed like they , and of idol groups want to promote in america they can’t look like they can carried away by the wind, what would happen if there was an outdoor concert and there was a draft. I just really hope that people don’t start to ruin their bodies for an irrational fad.

    • ashley says:

      Ugh that So Rude I bet a million buks that the people who were saying that were nothing to look twice at themselves. I didn’t watch the video but I think its rude for who ever said thoes things is dumb and only have one view on how women should look.

    • Lynn says:

      I would be quite content to have that kind of figure. *sigh* This is the price of being vanity centric. :S

    • suzy_fanz says:

      even though their legs are big but at least they are beautiful . compare to the commenter . herh .

    • Ashley says:

      If they consider that as too big, then I would be considered morbidly obese if I lived there. I think they look just fine, their standards of beauty are delusional. Everyone has a different body type.

  3. OOOOOOkay! says:

    wut about feis family they r not in Korea and when u mention her family she cries. suzys family is in korea she could visit. you know what? do they ask their boss to let them visit their families?! or am i finding something completely wrong with this picture?! *sigh*

    • GaimanFan says:

      They’ve got super-busy schedules and not much free time. That seems to be the norm for a lot of K-pop singers. Their companies kind of own them, and work them really hard…

  4. sweetgirl1990 says:

    I don’t understand why Korean idols rarely see their parents. It’s really stupid. I mean I remember one time Minho said he didn’t see them for 6 months…how can you go that long without seeing your parents especially if you’re a celebrity or why can’t the parent travel to where the kids are one weekend and see them and have family time? am I missing something?

    • ashley says:

      I think the way they do it its kinda like collage life were they all sleep in nice doorms and live very far from home and the Work load is so much they don’t or won’t have much time for family to visit or vise virsa, so I understand completlly why they don’t see eachother has often has they would like to.

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