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IU: “Laser Terror” Victim

Some antis just go a little too far with the pranks…

At a recent “Spring Festival” event at an unnamed university, IU appeared to perform for the students. Little did she know that she would become a victim of “laser terror.”

One student uploaded this picture to a community site with the caption, “IU becoming a victim of laser terror.”

From the angle, the laser beam appears to be coming from the audience section. Still, IU finished the song with laser all up in her face.

Other netizens also disapproved of this behavior, “Some people just have no manners at all,” and “It was nice of IU to give a performance, why would someone want to insult her for coming?” and “This will look poorly on the university’s students.”

I’m sure IU’s super fans are already digging up the dirt on who the laser shooter could be.

At any rate, please show some etiquette, even if you’re not exactly fond of the performer.


17 Comments on “IU: “Laser Terror” Victim”

  1. aya says:

    how could they . everything has a limit . it’s because they are antis that they have guts to do things like that . it really shows that students in that university don’t have manners.

  2. Maggie says:

    do they realize the laser lights can ruin your eyes. they even have warnings on them. i thought korea’s youths were “respectful ‘n well-behaved”?

    guess not lol

  3. simmi says:

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  4. tru t says:

    thats outright childish, i mean how can people “play” so dangerous

  5. Sam says:

    Let’s not generalize every student in that university and every youth in korea as disrespectful. I think this is how racism/discrimination starts. Let’s just focus on those shameless, good for nothing kids who think they have every right to be rude just because they can.

    • ashley says:

      yup that was what I was just telling Maggie.

    • umm... says:

      good point on the racism thing. ya…it’s a bit of an extreme to generalize, because if it were true that all students in that university were like that, then there would have not been just one, but the whole stage would be filled with laser lights

  6. blaznist says:

    That laser trick happened back when i was in hs, just a immature bad seed in the crowd. Go IU!! 🙂

  7. cdnpoint says:

    IU’s management team ought to be asking questions of the venue managers and finding out who was behind the deed. Potential health and legal matter–perhaps it is time to put a rider in her contract that facility owners will be held accountable if audience members do this to her.

    Found this entry on Wikipedia about laser pointer use on a South Korean player in the World Cup:

    In a World Cup final qualifier match held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia between the home team and the South Korean team, South Korean goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae was hit in the eye with a green laser beam.[31]

    It is not worth endangering any person or creature’s eyesight for jollies or just because one wants to play with their laser light device. In Australia, the law is really strict on the pointers above a 1mW emission–those things are considered prohibited weapons in the state of Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

  8. Andres avalos says:


  9. mmalinspired says:

    no matter what IU is still the best! the one who made that was so insecure! don’t let your insecurities eat you. IU hwaiting 🙂 saranghaeyo :*

  10. nyma says:

    who does tht?
    she came to the university to sing she didn’t have to do tht she took her time and came to sing for the students and next thing u know she becomes a victim of a laser terror.

  11. kimeru says:

    pitty IU ~~
    at least she finished her performance well ~~
    KUDOS ♥ ^_^

  12. JJ says:

    What the heck is wrong with the anti-fans?! I don’t see why they dislike her!

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