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Yuri Lost Weight

And, no one saw it coming…

Probably because most Girls Generation fans figured the “glamorous” figured Yuri‘s body was fine the way it was.

Nonetheless, netizens are torn between whether this weight loss was a wonderful change or an unnecessarily pound drop-age.

Recently, a fan posted this side-by-side view of Yuri a few months ago and Yuri as she is now on a community fan page.

Netizens are saying, “I didn’t really notice a difference until I see them side-by-side like that.”

Some are in favor of the weight loss, “She was pretty before, but now she much more pretty.”

Some are against losing the S-line, “Ah, Yuri was perfect before! She didn’t need to lose weight.”

What do you think of the new Yuri?


42 Comments on “Yuri Lost Weight”

  1. BBQ says:

    I saw that new footage of her on another site and she looks anorexic now. Not healthy. Not sexy. Not attractive.
    She needs to go back to her old self. She used to be the only healthy-looking one is SNSD.

  2. nhan vo says:

    unfortunately you have to let us see her full image otherwise you can’t tell if there is any difference.

  3. Meg says:

    work schedule all I can say

  4. blaznist says:

    i don’t look that hard at these people like nitizens to see much a change..great important news indeed?..

  5. Maggie says:

    How this is supposed to make her prettier is beyond me. And you don’t have to look hard to notice she’s at an unhealthy weight. We all know she was never this thin to begin with. She had some beautiful curves alot of other female idols wished they had. Sad.

  6. daracanela says:

    She was good before but she looks great now

  7. dan says:

    guess the trip to the plastic surgeon worked.

  8. yuriipiix says:

    support yuri no matter what..after all, she’ s still my sexy queen in snsd. she lost weight in healthy way..going gym, exercising, drink ‘ma, eat helathy foods and its not like she starving and taking diet pill o whatever. she is known for looking her health very well alongside seohyun in snsd, doing yoga, boxing, etc..i think i know her limit as well and i believe she have her own personal trainer to look after her like jessica and tiffany who also have their own. i dont worry about this at all but the most i worried is how the new about yuri body figure getting skinnier is becoming hot issues and i hope it didnt affect her in negative way…recently amber f(x) revealed in radio that yuri always waking her up to so that they can go to gym together …she working on it and now it paid off but some fans said she sick and anorexic….wtf!!!!!!!

    • mmalinspired says:

      yeah right! still support her no matter what! :))

    • orange_fun says:

      Actually just because you work out a lot it doesn’t make you healthy, as a matter of fact over working your body can be bad. We should of course support SNSD in achieving their dreams, but i don’t support shrinking bodies. I’m not going to be negative and say that they are ugly and disgusting, because they are not. Yuri is beautiful and was perfect just the way she was, I just wish that SNSD and SM would just see that they don’t need to keep changing their appearance.

  9. mmalinspired says:

    aigoo 😦 i don’t like her new figure. it makes me depressed aw 😦 it’s true that she’s even perfect before and doesn’t need for her to lose weight. well it’s just my opinion. i still adore her :))

  10. ShereeN says:

    Walking skeleton

    • yuriipiix says:

      whateva..its her body not walking skeleton .. i guess!!

      • midas says:

        its ur body too?? sexy whatt??? she is walking skeleton now. none of sexy

        • yuriipiix says:

          whateva dude…she’s 2 boney,she’s skeleton, she’s lose her curvy o whateva its her body shape..none of ur business if she is sexy o not..why care too much if she is skeleton?

  11. Kim says:

    It is not necessarily a weight loss just by observing her face. Sometimes the face gets slimmer as you mature and get older. Her face looks the same, just a bit older.

    • Maggie says:

      Huh!? Look at the picture and video again…cause there is something wrong with your eyes, if u don’t see a huge difference in her appearance/body

    • mingqi says:

      If we’re comparing pics a year or more apart, i would agree….but If this sort of change happens within a few months period, I’m not sure if it’s getting older/more mature.

      • midas says:

        its not about her face. its about her body. maybe u cant find it in the pic. but if u see the vid, u might be so shock coz u can see her bone obviously.

  12. FckingBalls says:

    Saddest part is that her arms are even skinner than Yoona’s.

  13. Nicepeter says:

    Any bets on when she’ll be admitted into the hospital

  14. kimeru says:

    not a big issue!! 😦

  15. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Yeah, when snsd was on that japanese show, i saw yuri and yoona next to each other.
    and u know how yuri has bigger legs than other members, right? well, i saw them together and yuri’s legs were skinnier than yoona!!

    but she stil looks good, though… i just wish she dyed her hair black or dark dark brown.

  16. orange_fun says:

    Well just based on those pictures, she just just look older. Not in a bad way just more mature.

  17. sarah says:

    she doesn’t lok that good on the before picture either. After looks somehow better……..or maybe it’s just the makeup or lighting.

  18. JJ says:

    She still is awesome though ^^
    I’m pretty sure it was her choice. If it wasn’t then, oh well.

  19. blacktam says:

    PLASTIK MAGIC……!!!!! SNSD is definitely No. 1 in Plastic Surgery….. if yuri did nt even had plastic surgery may be she should consult a doctor since anorexia nervosa is a psychiatric disorder…. she should consult her psychiatrist….. well shes such a big loser and all SNSD bitches and all dumb bitches who worship them….. PLASTIC BITCH YURI!!!!!!

    • iwishthehatersdie says:

      hey loser, u need attention, aren’t u? here my reply…

  20. reina says:

    it’s good that her fans are still supporting her, but you’re not supporting her if you agree to her losing more weight. Real fans won’t allow their favorites artists come to any harm. How is it good that she is anorexic skinny?

    and no she’s not pretty this way.

  21. pooja says:

    poor yuri 😦

  22. Yuri Lost Weight is like a big break to me. I am looking for someone who can give their great advices on how to loss weight. I guess I found it already. Thanks for this site.

  23. You are so beautiful Kim Yong-jun you look so much fine and full of energy.
    Yuri Lost Weight is great!

  24. thanks the author for article.
    The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  25. amsterdam says:

    do men want skinny women?

  26. Seungrified , the one and only . says:

    If you saw the video of her in the Hoot performance, the poor girl became a walking skeleton. Basically I’d blame SM for everything. Her thighs became so small and Sones say that she missed a lot of the dance steps in the Hoot performance. It’s obvious that she had a drastic weight change. 😦

  27. Aurie says:

    I’ll admit she looked a lot larger than the rest of the members, and losing just barely IMO would have made her perfect. But she just lost way too much ;;

  28. FanyFany says:

    Damn SM!It’s so sad!She had something that made her stand out,now she lost it….Call me cheesy,but that’s my opinion!

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