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[POPSpot] Son Ye-jin rides in luxury

What are we buying, Miss Moneybags?

“Personal Taste” actress Son Ye-jin was recently spotted checking out ( and possibly purchasing) foreign luxury vehicles recently. An online portal site uploaded the paparazzi images online for netizens to critique. However, many of the former negative netizens gushed about her Goddess-like appearance. The majority of the adoring comments didn’t notice our favorite actresses’ extreme shopping spree.

Since the netizens consider it common…..When did you last buy or shop for your foreign luxury vehicle?

Source: Joonggang


36 Comments on “[POPSpot] Son Ye-jin rides in luxury”

  1. Patrick says:

    Since when is a Mini classified as a luxury vehicle. Very nice, yes, but not really luxury.

  2. hhh says:

    it’s not the most luxurus but i love the car…she works hard, nothing wrong if she buy cars like this..

  3. Ramona says:

    Yes ur right patrick.. we also have 2 mini cooper at home -.-“

    • ara says:

      gahahah. loving the sarcasm . (please tell me i’m not reading it in wrong way, haha). ‘m not sure, but i think mini cooper cost the same as lincoln or probably lexus.

      • huzk says:

        depending on what model and style, the range of mini cooper price in uk (being it a british make) is £17k-26k!! hav no clue how much is that in korea but bec it’s a ‘foreign car’ it may be a bit more expensive???
        but yeah i think for wealthy people it’s not the most luxurious car, but for commoner like me that money is a lot!

        for ye jin?? it’s said below she’s not the kind to flaunt.. i think so too (as one of the famous actresses in korea)!!

      • snooki says:

        Uhm I don’t know where you live.
        But where I live a mini cooper is way way cheaper than a lexus. The cheapest model is only 17K euro.

  4. seoulice says:

    She doesn’t seem to be the type who likes to flaunt, even the colors of the cars she’s checking out are toned down. I think any one who works as hard as her is well-deserved to spend their hard-earned money.

  5. Haewon says:

    hmm what is wrong in buying a new car?
    that’s a nice lucky car.. ^^ yejin pick her ^^

  6. If says:

    if someone like son ye jin takes shit on this forum theres something wrong with the world.

    much love to her. )(

  7. umm... says:

    if you have the money, why not buy a nice car instead of a rickety old one? and i don’t think she’s buying multiple ones, probably just testing out which one’s the best. i’m happy for her, and personally, since I’m in my 20’s but I still think buying a car and all the paperwork are so intimidating, i admire that she decided to do this without a friend or family member with her…makes me remember when my mom and i purchased a new car after my old one keeps on having problems. good memories

  8. incognito says:

    Buying a new car is a fantastic experience. Happy for her….

    Who cares what car she buys. She should be entitled to buy whatever she wants with her money!

  9. ashley says:

    wow! she looks just like my friend Eummi I’m going to send her this link so she can see it!

  10. lay says:

    ” … uploaded the paparazzi images online for netizens to critique”

    Eerrr … what’s there to criticize? it’s her money, which she had worked hard for. she can do whatever she wants with it. by the way, IMO she is one of the prettiest and talented Korean actresses. i love her so much in Alone in Love.

  11. Ronal says:

    Who’s the guy in the car ? Maybe he’s her boyfriend ^^
    I always hope she will get married soon ^^

  12. rhea mirah says:

    i love that car!..

  13. Ying says:

    Oh, I believe that Ye Yin is one of the famous actress in Korea and I am sure if she buy cars make in Korea would be a good example for Korea but on the other hand, it is nothing wrong that she buys foreign car as Korea export its car to sell in other countries. So, it would be nice to give some business back to other country. Isn’t it.?

  14. zhi says:

    Good that Ye Jin picked a car she likes. It is important to have pleasant driving experience. Driving a good car gives you a secure feeling.

  15. GREAT REVIEW! I agree with all your thoughts you said in your article, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, your post is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your blog:) Isabella S.

  16. Rellameyl says:

    So nice that all the comments are positive. I agree with everyone. There’s nothing wrong with buying luxury(if it’s that luxurious)car especially the money she use is earned through her hard worked! It’s just giving a gift to herself.:)

  17. Rellameyl says:

    So nice that all the comments are positive. I agree with everyone. There’s nothing wrong with buying luxury(if it’s that luxurious)car especially the money she use is earned through her hard work! It’s just giving a gift to herself.:)

  18. lanwookie says:

    erkk..Mini is Luxury? i tought Bugati,Roll royse, or at least porsche..

  19. j3shika says:

    It’s only 30K here in America…but maybe the price went up since BMW bought it out?
    Well, mini is not considered a luxury. Maybe it is in Korea, since it’s a foreign made car…

  20. ssss says:

    LEE MIN JUNG who is a good friend of yejin and is with the same agency as her also checked out the same car..not exactly the same car but same model/type.

  21. tru t says:

    so buying a car is news how????????
    and whats there to critique i mean really

  22. bd2 says:

    Any Mini is hardly luxury.

    And even if SYJ decided to get a 5 Series or an S Class – who cares?

    She’s a big time actress and can well afford it.

  23. ang amk says:

    This article is suggesting that Ye Jin is a great spender. It said that the netizens did not notice Ye Jin’s EXTREME SHOPPING SPREE. Wow, I would like to see some evidence of how “materialistic” Ye Jin is. Please reveal pictures of her extreme shopping spree. BUT for buying this car, with Ye Jin’s status in the entertaining business, I think it is quit okay or normal, not that extreme. Right?

  24. honey says:

    totally agree that mini cooper is hardly a luxury..being a successful single actress, she deserves the ultimate right to spend her hard-earned money.

  25. eatpraylovemanila says:

    ahhmmm wow a mini cooper for a goddess … u really have a great taste in everything ye jin! there’s nothing wrong if she buy any luxurious cars or things she deserves having it! to all SON YE JIN HATER PLEASE BACK OFF AND GET A LIFE LOSERS….

  26. Bambilena says:

    Just love her the most with exclamation points

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