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“Sunny” repeats history!

Even if history classifies as last week, “Sunny” is now a piece of box office gold. Friendship is one of the most important relationships in peoples’ lives and production companies wallets.

The Korean movie about middle aged women remembering the good ole days of their youth remained at the number one spot at the box office a second week in a row. 616,400 moviegoers [1,775,286 since its premiere in theatres] came to enjoy their past this weekend alone!

Who came close to ripping the girls apart?

Hollywood’s “Source Code“[starring Jake Gyllenhaal] examined the sources of terror and stayed at the number two spot this week with 222,876 tickets sold at the box office.

Park Joong-hoon‘s “Officer Of The Year”, a story about two police officers competing for the title for two very different reasons, ranked third with 135,130.

Source: MK Daily News


7 Comments on ““Sunny” repeats history!”

  1. mememe says:


  2. yuriipiix says:

    i have seen the trailer….is the movie director fan of SNSD? i say this because of 3 things: 1. the title of the movie is SUNNY, which also name of one of the SNSD members, SUNNY
    2. If u watch trailer, u can see the fight between the two groups of girl, one of the group shouted to other group, “hey so nyuh shi dae” which i believe the name of one of the group
    3.If u watch trailer, u can heard the song “SUNNY”, which Lee Sunny sang during her solo stage of SNSD concert. I dont know who the real singer of SUNNY song..
    4.The good things is this movie premiered during the month of May, which is the month of birthday sunny (sunny born May 15th)..and its already on the second week of premiered and still on the first on box office…well, it just gifted as it happened on the same day of sunny birhday

    • mingqi says:

      I think you’re reading too much into it. SNSD is so popular and everyone knows them, so it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek to try to posit these girls as coming up with the idea before SNSD was even born. Even SNSD members have mentioned that SNSD is a very old-fashioned sounding name. I think some members were even embarrassed when they found out their group was going to be called SNSD. Sunny is a generic term– “it’s sunny out!” and conveys a really happy feeling. I think that is why Sunny, the SNSD-er, chose that name. I’m sure she wasn’t born with the name Sunny. And finally, movie directors don’t have much control over premiere dates. Some movies don’t even get premiered no matter how hard movie directors fight. It’s all up to the production company and investors.

  3. yuriipiix says:

    i think all the sunny fan watch this movie in cinema (included hyomin of T-ARA) her close friend in INVICIBLE YOUTH.hyomin tweeted she watched the movie and wish her happy birthday….

  4. […] once again 25 years later, now you can view the movie first hand! CJ Entertainment is bringing you “Sunny” [starring Yoo Ho-jung, Shim Eun-kyung and Min Hyo-rin] in cities like Seattle, New Jersey, […]

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