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SHINee teases with “Replay”…. Again!

Their 2008 hit returns! This time around, the SME boy band’s single “Replay” has been re-recorded in Japanese and they even incorporated all the clothes from their previous Korean MVs and wore them again. Can you see “Juliette”, “Ring Ding Dong”, and “Hello” written all over SHINee’s latest fashions ensembles?

On June 22nd, SHINee will officially release the first single to kick off their debut in Japan. They are crossing over and SNSD’s Yoo-na takes Victoria‘s Noona role in the newly revamped international video version.

EMI Japan released the teaser on May 16th. What do you think about SHINee “Replaying” their hit overseas and Jong-hyun returning to the dance floor?

Source: EMI Music Japan Official YouTube Channel


22 Comments on “SHINee teases with “Replay”…. Again!”

  1. (^o^) says:

    yahooo, finally my favourite boy will singing my favourite song, again. but seriously, why did hallyu star must go to japan. I like them being in Korean more. but i’m happy to hear my favorite song forever…. but in japan i don’t know what it gonna be. btw i hope it still good to listen.

    • ashley says:

      They do it to expand their fan base and to make more money because the Korean music market is too small and over crowed to work in all the time, so it’s actually a good thing for SHINee and SM but sad for their Korean fans.

    • anamika says:

      yah u’r right!!!!

  2. citapus says:

    SHINee is definitely the most excellent k-pop group these days. they finally follow their DBSK hyungs’ steps 🙂
    btw, good luck Jjong with the Japanese debut & Immortal Songs!!! show off ur 4 octaves!!hehe.

    • Joy says:

      OMG… our SHINee is gonna debut on Japan!!! Fighting!!! They really are very talented with just 2 years in the industry they really are very good… like AWESOME!!! BTW.. I love their dress it kinda intrigue me… OMo my Onew and Jonghyun are totally so handsome….

  3. kss says:

    err that sounded awkward. the only part that didnt was the beginning of the chorus :/

  4. eboy07 says:

    I am getting fed up whit all these groups going to Japan.

    • missy says:

      snsd, super junior, shinee, kara, bigbang, ss501, supernova, t-ara, beast, etc..

      all going to japan as soon as dbsk5 breaks up..WOW..
      like none know japanese… like none even sing japanese music…
      and doesn’t japan have their own groups…

      its weird… japanese artists never go to korea and yet korean artists all go to japan.. lololol

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  6. la roux says:

    kinda wish Victoria was still the noona, one of the reasons why I liked the original vid so much.

    • erica says:

      yeah, it gave be the impression that SHINee had good taste with Victoria as the noona. Sorry but Yoona’s too generic. Though I guess they used her because SNSD’s debuted in Japan. Though I do know Yoona is not that popular in Japan face-wise.

      • missy says:

        yoona is actually NOT that PRETTY outside KOREA. she’s literally average, and nothing special. the fact she’s so popular is actually ridiculou.. other girls in snsd actually look prettier with more raw talent and yet yoona is the face of snsd.. kinda sad

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          because she’s a natural…….

          • missy says:

            true.. she is natural with only a few “doctor” touch ups, but only in korea does “pretty girl” mean “plastic girl” most of the time
            honestly… in america, there are alot of true “pretty girls” who are 100% natural, but don’t even get the chance to be famous like yoona did because of her daddy’s connections..

            but hey.. at least yoona didn’t go out and destroy her face like park bom is doing..
            i admire her for not going plastic like other members of SNSD

            • jessica says:

              lol, she does not have a dad connection, her family is not that rich. she is averaged to you but to some people she more than average. Where is the fact that people outside korea will not like her looks. show me the proofed beside making things up.

  7. trashbag says:

    Why would they recycle some dated song done 3 years ago? I don’t think it would take that long to translate a new song. They are looking kind of old so they should retire soon. Either that or eat more so they don’t look like emaciated lady boys.

  8. SHINee have a new song oh O_o i can’t wait i want listen right now

  9. Rita says:

    Why Yoona over Victoria…

    I wonder if F(x) would never debut in Japan. That’s likely though 😦

  10. […] with “Replay – You’re My Everything.” The actual single will be released on June 22nd, but the MV is out now and one can’t help but feel a little […]

  11. […] with “Replay – You’re My Everything.” The actual single will be released on June 22nd, but the MV is out now and one can’t help but feel a little […]

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