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DGNA releases “Love Bingo” PV

Recently, DGNA (aka The Boss) released their second Japanese single “Love Bingo“. The band is well knowned in Korea for their appealing debut and tasty “Popsicle” ways. Now, they are hitting the beach for a little music and plenty of cutesy styled dancing.

The members seem to be having a ball, while brave member Karam battles his current gastritis.

Check out their latest PV above and…. Get Well Soon Karam!  

Source: junnjunnboy


7 Comments on “DGNA releases “Love Bingo” PV”

  1. eboy07 says:

    Pretty cute boys in this Music Video? Oh wait thats kpop for me.

  2. johyn says:

    he looks like a ghost at :17

  3. lian95 says:

    I donno but I don;’t like DNA that much…. Like the boys really look too cute? I donno they look girly….

    But like other kpop bands are awesome =)

  4. jasmine says:

    the song is not that bad actually, i kinda like it 😀

  5. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    Awww it’s so cute!! I love it!!!!!!

  6. nhan vo says:

    i love this video and this song. it is so fun and colorful. i really enjoy it.

  7. merong says:

    The song is cute~ It has a Jpop-ish feel to it~
    But Love Bingo? The first thing that came to my mind is AKB48’s Bingo!
    Good luck~

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