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Wonder Girls’s Hye-rim tweets her current style

What will her transformation look like?

The Wonder Girls American debut is still scheduled for June. No one knows what their songs or stage ensembles will look like. Will they continue with the bright 2 Different Tears concept or crossover to a more sophistcated style? As we continue to guess, member Hye-rim shows you her current style via Twitter!

Check out her twitter caption below that accompanied the image above:


Do you like her current style?

Source: @WG_Lim


16 Comments on “Wonder Girls’s Hye-rim tweets her current style”

  1. ... says:

    looks very ahjumma-ish. slap a lil make-up and letting her down would be good though.

  2. lacus says:

    can’t wait for their comeback

  3. ashley says:

    simple but cute^ _ ^!!

  4. Saara says:

    I like it, but i think it would’ve looked better loosely tucked into high-waist shorts!

  5. benny says:

    yeah she looks like a maid

  6. blaznist says:

    2nd attempt again at American stardom? Least they not giving up or jyp that is. Well she is cute in this pic. =)

  7. Dovey says:

    Her get-up looks fine to me. She just looks like your average Asian girl. XD

  8. anamika says:

    i dont think u’ll look cool,juz hit on other go on!!!

  9. Sam says:

    pshhh >:T i like this style it rockz the chartz
    u dont have to wear stupid shorts for other ppl do what feels best to u and i’d rather wear that comfortable outfit than some irritating pair of way to short shorts.

  10. dan says:

    PJY needs to schedule her with a plastic surgeon ASAP!! NOW!!!!

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