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Hines Ward Gets Into The Final Dancing Round

Steelers Football Player and “On Air” actor, Hines Ward, is just inches away from winning the mirror ball!

American show “Dancing With The Stars” is down to three celebs: Hines, Kirstie Alley, and Chelsie Kane. How did he get this far? Talent and Determination!

Here is a recent tweet from Hines about advancing to the next round and his partner’s almost life-threatening injury:

“Man what a night! Very emotional after a long few days of fear and uncertainty right up until showtime. I’m so thankful that Kym was walking, much less dancing again. Watching that replay made me sick to my stomach. I was mentally and emotionally messed up at the thought that I almost paralyzed her. I didn’t even care about the scores to be honest. I was just glad to be dancing with my partner! God is good! Hines”

Do you think Hines has a shot against a Disney Princess and everyone’s favorite actress?

America’s “Dancing With The Stars” airs Monday and Tuesday at 8pm [EST] on ABC.

Sources: Hines Ward’s Official Facebook Page and @mvp86hinesward


32 Comments on “Hines Ward Gets Into The Final Dancing Round”

  1. johyn says:

    I love this show! Hines is definitely going to win

  2. k-pop luver! says:

    …………………..what does hines ward making it to the finals in some dance thing have anything to do with K-POP ? ……………………………..just wondering :P…………..

    • JUN says:

      he’s half korean, and a dedicated SNSD ajusshi fan.

      • Lynn says:

        Based on his facial features I thought he might be half Korean. Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering why this was posted.

      • k-pop luver! says:

        ohhhhh ok that makes sence 😀 i dont really know anything about him so it kinda confussed me but know i understand ^^ THANKS 😀

  3. asdlgkjf says:

    what in gods name does this have to do with k pop???your website is called POP SEOUL not america dancing tv show for washed up celelbrities. this is the most most retarded post ive seen on popseoul.

  4. dan says:

    i like how koreans will shun these half korean people and suddenly worship them if they do any act of greatness. If Ward hadn’t won the Superbowl ring, koreans would still consider him a useless black guy from the ghetto.

  5. queenbznuts says:

    Shouldn’t this go on some other lame site like aatheory

  6. ashley says:

    I had no clue he was mixed so I think the writer should have said that, so the readers wouldn’t be confused.

  7. xxSleepyHonuxx says:

    watching what happened to his partner Kym, was really hard to watch…glad she’s okay.

  8. Maji says:

    Hines Ward’s mother is a native Korean and his father was an American. After his father brought his mother to America, they divorced. Because his mother spoke little English, she lost custody of Hines for 7 years. During those years, his mom worked 3 jobs while improving her English skills, so she could get custody of Hines and provide him with a stable home. Hines is an inspiration to all Korean and Korean-Americans, and so is his mother. Hines is incredibly popular in Korea and he also founded a charity that helps bi-racial children in Korea; and he also supports the Korean chapter of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, another humanitarian organization. He’s great rolemodel and a really brave dude to go on Dancing with the Stars. I hope he wins because he’s said that he’s doing it to honor his Korean mom. Hines has spoken about racism in Korea and that’s another reason his founded his children’s charity.

  9. trashbag says:

    I don’t see the kpop connection at all. This is how you can tell the writers are running out of ideas when they have to resort to writing a story about someone who has nothing to do with kpop. You might as well write about Amerie, who at least does music..

  10. cdnpoint says:

    PopSeoul covers popular Korean culture. Hines’ link is through his guest appearance in one of the last episodes of On Air. So this is like an update of what he’s been doing since that drama. Had he not been on the show and had I not read of his childhood/football background from PS, I would not have known of him. And I’m in North America but don’t follow names in football *unless it is the other kind we call soccer.*

    DWTS gets great ratings on TV–celebrities have to get those moves down and take compliments or criticism from many people on their efforts. If the show ever gets renamed, it might be “Ego Smackdown on the Dance Floor.” Egos do get adjusted.

  11. Christine says:

    Excuse me Dan but not all black people are from the ghetto. Maybe this is what all koreans think? I like k-pop and learning about the korean culture and all, but why is skin color so important? Is my dark skin really all that bad?

  12. Christine says:

    Or maybe you didn’t mean it that way? Sorry.

  13. asdlgkjf says:

    its really stupid tht they can’t even say that he’s is anyone supposed to know that when they see it? like i said its called POP seoul.

    • xofalenstarxo says:

      Instead of calling them stupid, why don’t you do something more constructive…like research the reason why Hines Ward was mentioned on PopSeoul. We live in the age of technology so Google + Hines Ward = half Korean half African American MVP = more than appropriate to be mentioned.

      • queenbznuts says:

        And what part of that equation has to do with KPOP? Daniel Dae Kim is Korean, I don’t see him mentioned on this site at all.

        • xofalenstarxo says:

          Do you have a reading problem?

          “Steelers Football Player and “On Air” actor, Hines Ward, is just inches away from winning the mirror ball!”

          You do know that “entertainment” includes food, films, music, fashion, radio, TV shows, SPORTS, etc., right? PopSeoul is not 100% about pop music in Korea…it’s about the pop culture in or related to Korea. In other words, PopSeoul features news/stories about actors, musicians, fashion designers, models, chefs, radio/TV hosts, athletes, etc. who are in some shape, way, form Korean.

          So use your imagination and 10% of your brain to think.
          1) Hines Ward is half Korean.
          2) Even though he’s not an actor, he was a guest star on “On Air”.
          3) He’s a professional football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers and won the MVP award when his team won the Super Bowl.
          4) Dancing With The Stars is a TV show.

          • queenbznuts says:

            Did you even watch On Air? He probably was on there for like 30 seconds. If you consider him an “On Air” Actor your are just as delusional as the writer who wrote this.
            2)What does being half Korean have to do with kpop? There are plenty of half Korean actors that actually do things in Korea that aren’t mentioned on here.
            3)What does the NFL have to do with kpop other than Koreans worshipping their American gods?
            4) What does dancing with the stars have to do with kpop?

            I guess the whole name threw me off since this site is called popSEOUL

  14. asdlgkjf says:


  15. Cal Jon says:

    It seems that Queenbznuts just can’t accept a half Korean. Or maybe its because Hines is half Black that you just refuse to see why he’s even mentioned. Amerie is Half Black, Tasha Reid is Half Black. Crystal Kay is half Korean Half Black but sings exclusively in Japanese. Ward was born in Korea. So what’s the problem? I don’t see why you REFUSE to understand that since he is a celebrity of Korean Descent (NO MATTER if HE’s MIXED). I thik you really need to look at yourself. I don’t think ur human. I sense something malicious in your snide comments and I’m not sure I appreciate that tone. Ward is Half Korean and that’s that.

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