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F(x) beats Heo Young-saeng!

Is it really possible to beat a SS501 member on a weekly music show? F(x) did! On the May 20th episode of KBS Music Bank, SME girl band,f(x), were competing in the K-Chart with none other than, SS501’s Heo Young-saeng…..and their latest single won!

They may be in “Danger” of backlash by true Triple S fanatics like the title of their hit song. However, true fans of K-pop will congratulate them and just “Let It Go”!

Congratulations to f(x) on their second K-Chart win.

Sources: TVDaily, XSports News and UnknownCarrot170


53 Comments on “F(x) beats Heo Young-saeng!”

  1. Mully says:

    FX FTW!

  2. kelly says:

    just support your bias more next time. hating on the other group isn’t going to make the one you favor win more.

  3. nikolena100 says:

    at least YS new solo comeback had nominated as one of the best kpop that is enough for me knowing that he will gonna win….

    Fans all over the world forever to support you…YS.

  4. Kergy says:

    holy fuck luna is butt ugly

  5. ashley says:

    Good 4 them ^ _ ^!!

  6. BackAcne says:

    the song is horrible…..and also a remake. your standard kpop song

    • missy says:

      if you know korean.. the lyrics are even more bizzare.. like the lyricist sucks..

      the song gets really annoying.. they used autotune to sound like that.. and then it wasn’t even original.. i guess SM likes to buy their music.. one time super junior memeber teukie wrote an amazing song and sm failed to recognize it and it would have been a hit…

      i admit.. the kpop standard is getting lower.. hopefully someone can step up and something new and original…

      • eboy07 says:

        Thats kpop for you.

      • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

        yes, lyrics are confusing, but i like the tune of the song

        • missy says:

          sadly SM didn’t make the tune but bought it…
          but it seems i think they ruined it.. cuz the eng version is alot better..

          • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

            what english version?
            what’s so sad about SM not making the tune?
            A lot of companies do that. They get composers to do it and they buy the song from them.

            • missy says:

              the song is called “razor”
              done by an american girl trying to make it.. in america

              the thing is razor came out in 2009.. and SM copied it exactly..

              i can’t call it original.. it’s a remake..

  7. samsilver says:

    HS Will be always The Number one in our hearts

  8. atweeg says:

    Young Saeng fighting!!!
    you are the best!!!

  9. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:


  10. Chicken says:

    Now let’s see if f(x) can beat their ally, SNSD!!

  11. missy says:

    i’m entitled to my own opinion.
    everyone isn’t pretty.. or cute

    and sulli in my opinion looks the oldest in the group..
    amber is not cute..

    i’m not bitter just my opinion..

    • ashley says:

      I think most of the replies were to that person who said something rude and unnecessary like “Luna is butt ugly” but yeah what u said wasn’t mean.

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      how does sulli look the oldest??
      then, to you, who looks the oldest out of the group?

  12. cdnpoint says:

    Tune is catchy but the lyrics are not. I love the use of the Remember Me line (esp as Amber’s back…).
    Luna has the most buoyant personality-she keeps the Koala show up most times and she’s willing to talk to strangers. I wish Victoria got more singing in the group.

    Can we hope that Amber will have some kind of music or reality show this year? I cannot see her doing that We Got Married genre show but something like a A Day in the Life or a show on hiphop/rap in South Korea or another video with the Taiwanese singer (but not a futuristic theme this time). Maybe a duet…not a sappy one but one that shows some wisdom.

  13. theZEUSluv13 says:

    Krystal does not look like Jessica. She looks like Yoona

  14. arisa says:

    it’s strange when people say things like f(x) don’t deserve it etc…since it isn’t about whether they deserve it, it’s about whether they have enough devoted fans to vote and buy their album. Heo Young-saeng lost to f(x) because he doesn’t have enough fans to vote for him to win. Those of you cussing f(x), you should have been insulting yourself for not supporting Heo Young-saeng more, that’s heaps more useful than belittling the competition.

  15. Krystal is pretty similar to her sister, even more beautiful than Jessica ^ ^

  16. Kasey says:

    F(x) beats Heo Young-saeng!
    Hmmm, Heo Young-Saeng should have won. F(x) the only thing I liked was the beat and rythm of the song.

  17. queenbqty says:

    f(x) is a decent group, but ALL of their songs suck! They are just winning off of sm bias and lunatic sones who have nothing better to do since the snsd suckfest is currently deafening people in Japan. Just who is buying their terrible music? These music shows should base these things on actual talent and quality of music, not a bunch of loony fans who have no life and spend it voting for crappy songs by lousy sm ent girl groups.
    Heo Young Saeng deserves better and was cheated of a win, even though a win on the stupid Korean music shows means nothing anyway, its all rigged!

    • ara says:

      well written, i should say (i mean it as a compliment).
      don’t know if i would agree though, i don’t listen to both.

    • Glamorous Sky says:

      Heo Young Saeng lose with a dignity. in the different word hes still winning! i know some complaining around Music Bank. seems like just dont fair. somebody is really a Pinocchio. anyway, we just support winning with a dignity than winning on wind. Heo Young Saeng fighting!!!! SS501 fighting!!!!

    • samsilver says:

      I agree with you

    • ashley says:

      I love f(x) but their songs could be better….

    • jenna says:

      i don’t like fx songs, but i still like them better than snsd. thought tbh i doubt it’s sones supporting fx, they’re more likely to be dissing them going on about how fx can’t compare to snsd etc.

    • Chicken says:

      Ate, if Crash joins, the KGB(SNSD & f(x)) can never cheat, for if they cheat, they should be impaled on their g******* with swords for even trying to face Crash.

  18. Glamorous Sky says:

    heo young saeng u still our prince! bad boy prince! winning is not taking over the world. we know who u are and we just really proud for ur talentness. Triple S always there for u. no need to worry & just be strong. fightingggg!!!!!

  19. statenislanddump says:

    That’s ok. He will probably beat someone else next week!

  20. mehr says:

    im so happy for f(x) thay deserve to win.ys latest album is not that good .he’s better give up solo

  21. Casmin says:

    fuck! you! F(x) shy prince Young Saeng is still the best for me…ss501 FIGHTING!!!

  22. fghfgh says:

    he is fking ugly anyways

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