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Isak Tweets Behind-The -Scenes Images Of Spring Awakening

Is she….. describing childbirth? Or, does she have immeasurable gas?

My first guess is much more logical,but the second would explain the distance between the actresses.  The photos above and below were uploaded by Isak on May 19th via her twitter. The Korean-American DJ and singer will become a stage actress this summer in “Spring Awakening.

Stills of her and the cast during practice are heating up the Twittersphere. Read her caption below that accompanied the photos:

“mama who bore me reprise! from yesterdays open practice!”

Does this teaser spark your interest in the play?

 “Spring Awakening” will run from June 3rd until September 4th, 2011 at Seoul’s Du San Art Center.

Source: @realISAK


5 Comments on “Isak Tweets Behind-The -Scenes Images Of Spring Awakening”

  1. TRUTH says:

    This is such a funny post. lol, writer keep up the great work! ke ke ke ke! /\ /\

  2. dan says:

    she just needs to give it up. she’s barely clinging on to celeb status which never was much to begin with. Arirang radio and tv– that pretty much says it all about her status

  3. blaznist says:

    Blow it out Isak let it all outtt. lol

  4. […] you ready for interracial K-pop? Picture SNSD meets Isak and you have ChocoLAT! The newest girl band (besides all Korean girl group Blady) to hit the music […]

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