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2pm are poster boys for CeCi

JYPE boy band, 2pm, is featured in the June issue of CeCi. The 6 member group modeled their bright and crisp summer looks for the popular womens’ fashion magazine. You know the cover boys’ feature didn’t stop there! This particular issue is a fan girl’s dream with pages full of afternoon hotness and 2 full-length posters included.

Check out the fan girl love posters below:

Will you be purchasing your copy?

Sources: Yes24 and JoongAng


30 Comments on “2pm are poster boys for CeCi”

  1. mau says:

    where and how can i purchase a copy? :||

  2. ara says:

    “afternoon hotness” , i literally laugh. 😀

    btw, imho popseoul is getting low in article circulation, eh? i mean, i used to log on popseoul in the morning reading some, then another one are already added by the afternoon. Popseoul used to have like 2 to 4 news per day. But these 2 weeks, i don’t find anything new within 2 or more days.

    like that f(x) beat someone, it was like three days ago before this news about 2 pm.

    is it just little low in Korean entertainment scene or just popseoul need to add more writer? I like this site, so please please keep on writing more and more.

    thanks, popseoul.

    • k-pop luver! says:

      ya i agree with ara, i like this site and would like to keep using it but they donet seem to be very quick with news laately ^^” OH and i would like to know where i could get this magazine i NEED the posters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.o NEED THEM!

    • tru t says:

      thank u@ ara, i was just saying that to myself. its like there is no more entertainment news i mean this is like the first fresh news in like a week long period.

      • ara says:

        true. a weeeek long period.

        i think many of popseoul readers would love to write some articles (i’d love to do too), but it’s just that i don’t live in Seoul or anywhere in South Korea. and i can’t speak nor write in Hangul (except probably that “saranghaeyo” and “charae” terms). so it’s nearly impossible to get anything to be categorized as news to write it down here.

  3. lanwookie says:

    yeah..popseoul are sooo updated news..short story and uninteresting story…

    • eboy07 says:

      In reality most kpop news is boring.

    • tru t says:

      u can say short again,most of their news are so brief and if u are non korean really u end up more with little knowledge of their industry, they do not research that much maybe???/

  4. Laikai says:

    Agreed, with everyone else. Popseoul doesn’t really update anymore… if they do its once every 2 or 3 days with ONE update that seems to be ‘old’.. Hope something changes soon.

  5. Nick - Pee Wee -Hunman says:

    Is it just me? but isn’t Nickhun is looking more and more like Pee Wee Herman.

  6. statenislanddump says:

    So who in the kpop industry hasn’t made it on the cover of ceci, vogue or harpers bazaar. I think they must be major failures if they haven’t since they keep recycling the same people over and over again. Btw..get some new writers popseoul. A lot of the current ones suck!

  7. dan says:

    fitting magazine as guys are more feminine than girls these days in korea

  8. are these men or women?

  9. Jessy JunHottest says:

    U are so handsome…
    junho oppa,,saranghae!!!!

  10. zahraa power says:


  11. ERICK says:

    what colour is wooyoung hair? epic!

  12. omglawl says:

    so…did anyone notice wooyoungs alien hand??

    i died….i feel bad..who picked this picture??

    • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

      it looks weird just in the photo.
      1 of his fingers are actually pointing towards the camera while his thumb and the other two fingers are folding in.

  13. tiffany says:

    my nich-y is a prince indeed

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  15. […] you know what a 3rd period is…..Congrats! The boy band is celebrating a new milestone with their fan club this year and JYP even tweeted about it. On June […]

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