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[MV] BEAST wants a Japanese “Bad Girl”

Not badly enough though!

After their first Japanese single “Shock” debuted to a very hot reception in February, the boys are back with their second Japanese single, “Bad Girl.” Providing a livelier pop contrast to “Shock,” “Bad Girl” was BEAST‘s debut Korean single way back when in late 2009.

The Japanese “Bad Girl” single will be released in June, but the MV is already out and I got to say…they look really sloppy. Yes, the boys be looking fine (unlike when they first debuted with very questionable hairdos) and the production values are there, but the energy in their dance moves is really down. It’s not super tight and bouncy, as I would expect from BEAST. While they deliver in their solo shots, it looks like a really half-hearted practice where they are just going through the motions in the background.

Come on boys, I know you’re tired and all, but give the Japanese something to work with!


29 Comments on “[MV] BEAST wants a Japanese “Bad Girl””

  1. hana says:

    that third guy from the left wow, what;s up with his face?

  2. ara says:

    the “questionable hairdos” are the thing that make me like Yeo Sob at the first time (oh, that and his voice). 😀

    perhaps they look tired because covering old singles are tiring ? please please write some new songs special for japan, dear Cube. that’ll be more interesting. not only for fans, but for them too.

    Previous singles are a plus. Still, fresh new singles are breathtaking.

  3. eboy07 says:

    If you call that dancing? oh wait thats kpop for me. Not every kpop idol/group can dance.

  4. benny says:

    As I was watching this video all I could do was laugh; (seriously?)

  5. Cames says:

    Laughing? There must be smt seriously wrong with you. Underestimating? Jealous much? What a loser you are.

  6. Clara says:


    • Ruby says:

      but they dont have
      as much energy as
      Their Korean version.
      i guess it might be because
      since they are more popular now
      they dont have to force themselves to
      be all energized/bouncy?
      well anyways i like this one better;D

  7. wowo says:

    b2st,u all cn do better..FIGHTING!!!

  8. waromon says:


  9. Eungabyz says:

    I agree they look better in this MV but what’s up with their energy? They look very tired :S and It’s tired for fans watch a MV like this :C but someone here said that maybe their tiredness is because they are tired to sing the same old song…..anyway I just know I don’t like to watch this MV because I feel as bored as they look especially HyunSeung :C

  10. Florence96 says:

    Different with the korean version one…at least from background~

  11. I love BEAST but i gotta say , they can do a WHOLE lot better than this. Hyunseung said that he was sick during the filming so that’s why he wasn’t hyper. But i dont know with the others, guess their bored of the same song? But whatever, BEAST fighting! ❤

  12. theZEUSluv13 says:

    they look more mature and they seem to look like they knew what they were doing. they seem taller too!

  13. nhan vo says:

    the video looks great and the song and the dance are not bad either

  14. TofuHo says:

    While it doesn’t sound as good in Japanese as it did in Korean, the costumes are MUCH better.

  15. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I like the korean version better because it has more energy in it.
    But the japanese ver. has better clothes and hairstyles. Well, i think Kikwang’s hairstyle was better in the korean one. I LOVE KIKWANG~~!!!

    but why does junhyung rap in korean in the JAPANESE version!??

  16. pk says:

    I Agree, the mood in thid Jap. Mv is very down..Its like they Just wanted To get this over with…I don’t see any Happy and energetic mood..They smile but I can jus tell the mOod is tiring and down… i dislike this version..i prefer the Korean Version.

  17. Gelibean says:

    they’re good at dancing… Their dance steps are difficult…
    I like their song Shock (and the MV also 😀 )

  18. Gelibean says:

    It’s still the same with the Original version. It’s both good! 😀

  19. Kazuya says:

    I agree, the dancing wasn’t as energetic as the Korean version. Still, they did what they could, and it’s pretty awesome that they’re branching out to other countries.

  20. juliana says:

    i agree that the energy quality is really poor, i really enjoy their dance so this vid was a let down to me =(
    it was as though they didnt take it seriously, not only the energy was poor, their facial expression is also bad, in some they are smiling happily but in most they look like they are irritated or something, esp hyung seung.. they looked good no doubt, but ifi were a japanese and i’ve seen the korean one, i would be offended =(

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