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Kim Hyun-joong hits the books

And you know what that means…

Major sleep deprivation time!

SS501 leader and eternal flower boy Kim Hyun-joong is currently studying performance planning management at Chung-woon University located in the South Chung-cheong Province, Hong-seong. He started classes in March and has been keeping it a secret from the public, but, of course, the secret was bound to be let out. Kim Hyun-joong entered the university on a professor recommendation and was able to receive some credit with his previous experience in the entertainment industry.

Kim Hyun-joong must be an insane workaholic because he has been attending classes, studying, and taking exams while simultaneously preparing for his solo debut. His first official outing as a solo singer will be on June 7th with a showcase in the Jang-choong Gymnasium in Seoul.

Talk about working double time – earning a degree and being a full-time idol. People already have a hard enough time keeping up with one thing, and Kim Hyun-joong is doing both.


57 Comments on “Kim Hyun-joong hits the books”

  1. 19frantze says:

    totally workaholic!! a student,a singer-actor nd soccer player at the same time…thats crazy…but,wait…what do u mean by saying “former ss501 leader”??? he is still the leader of SS501 ^^

  2. pemzey says:

    he’s the best and he strives even harder to be better at it……i’m so proud of him and what he’s made of himself but really as a concerned fan i’d rather see him healthy and not at all sleep deprived….and i hope his hard work pays off….have you guys seen the please teaser…it looks awesome and sounds awsome……….well good luck to leader……i know he’ll rock the kpop scene next month….^___^ fighting …..

    love,pemzey forever henecia and triple s…!!

  3. blue_star says:

    former?????? -____- Fix it please

  4. cute,,,,,,,verry cute ^_^

  5. Tann says:

    It’s actually his second degree… He went back to school after a one-year hiatus and graduated frm high school, then moving to Kyonggi Uni to major in digital music. He needs prof’s recommendation coz his first degree isn’t in the same subject.

  6. Kasey says:

    It says a lot about him and that is one of the traits I love about him. Please fix the former part..because he isn’t. He will always be Leader of SS501..behind them all the way.

  7. s2eccho501 says:

    here goes the word “former” seriously…. he is not FORMER. he still IS. people keep saying former member ss501….. FORMER. he is not FORMER!! ugh…anyways… he is so going to be hella tired…. i am proud he wants to finish college…. but… i am also worried hes going to collapse from fatigue the way hes working so hard….. ya hyun joong ah!!! get some zzzzzs every chance you get and eat too!

  8. queenbqty says:

    I agree with everyone who is complaining. What is this “former” crap? He is still the leader of SS501, when did he say he wasn’t? Also, as far as I know as a “true fan”, he is not a high school dropout, either! He did leave school, but he went back and graduated. What is this poor reporting supposed to be about? What are you trying to destroy his image for, popseoul writer? Get your facts straight, if you are gonna write a story.
    Its great if Leader is going to college, but judging from this terrible article, I don’t even believe that!

    • statenislanddump says:

      Shut the hell up you stupid. Wh*re!

      • queenbqty says:

        lol, Sorry, you have me confused with your mom!

        • statenislanddump says:

          I’m sorry but I don’t know what’s worse you, or those grenades that my friends Mike, Vinnie, and Paulie pick up. You are the worst!

          • queenbqty says:

            Ha! Still confusing me with your mom! Is her nickname, “grenades”?

            • statenislanddump says:

              Unfortunately grenade is too good of a word to describe your ugly arse! Ita too bad your failed idol has to resort to srooping down this low to get attention. I guess that’s the life of a washed up former boy bander!

              • queenbqty says:

                Ha Ha, you’re just mad because I insulted your mother, but she deserves it for insulting the world by spawning a complete fool. Insult KHJ all you want it doesn’t bother me. At least he’s not related to ignorant subhumans like you and your mom. lol

  9. Mary says:

    e1leen0nt0fu are you drunk? Former leader seriously? he’s the leader of SS501, Please fix the former part, is an insult to he and their the fans

  10. ashley says:

    wow he’s good, I think I would go crazy if I had to do all those things lol

  11. H2O says:

    What?! he gets class credit for being in the industry?!
    Is this how universities work in Korea?
    Is this system anywhere else, bc i havent heard of it….ever

    • Chuchu says:

      Yes…This exits at universities in America too. Many business people or technical people who go back to school to get masters or advanced degrees get credit for classes based on their work experience. For example, I work in special education. When I went back to get an advanced degree in education, i did not have to take any of the classes in special education because I have been working in the field for so long. In fact, I knew more than the professors who were teaching the special education classes. I got credit for those courses or was able to test out of them. Many university allow you to do this up to 6 or 9 credits (2 or 3 classes) towards a degree in a field that you have years of work experience. Also, many professors have “BOOK” knowledge of things but don’t have real life experience in what they teaching. So KHJ may have more knowledge about stage management/ production than some of his professors. If he has to take classes on performing or managing international concerts, how many of his professors do you think have actually participated in international concerts? Probably none. He has performed in concerts all over Asia. Professors that teach educational courses talk theory theory theory on how to manage bad behaviors in the classroom. But guess what?? Many of their textbook theories don’t work when you are teaching a classroom full of gang bangers!!!

  12. dan says:

    ok sure he’s studying for some useless major. He could never show up for class and the university would still give him a diploma with top honors.

    all a joke just like celebs in the korean army.

    • bunny says:

      tsk. tsk. what a hater you are.

    • statenislanddump says:

      What he really should be doing is taking a proper acting class. There are a lot of ladyboys out there that are way better actors than he is.

    • Chuchu says:

      Hmmm… Performance Planning Management is not a useless degree for the field he is in. In the US, I think we call this performance and event management. These are people that plan/organize/set up for concerts, shows, plays, parties, weddings, events, etc. This guy is not stupid. He is planning for his future. I think he has other goals besides singing and acting. Seem to recall him stating he wanted to buy Japanese magna and that he wanted to produce/have them made into dramas/movies. Who knows what he wants to do but that major goes along with what he is doing now in the entertainment industry.

      Andddddd…….. you are right, he does need to take acting classes.

  13. zhia_aala says:

    good luck and take care of yourself!!!!!

  14. bunny says:

    and i though i was having a hard time juggling two jobs.

    hyun-joong oppa! fighting! 😀

  15. Mina says:

    Handsome, with a nice voice, hardworking, intelligent….OMG he really is the perfect guy!
    But he can do this because he is a GENIUS (200 IQ hehe ^^)
    He is the best.

  16. Sherelle Elizabeth Rippy says:

    Very Creative & Touching
    From American

  17. Reminds me of myself at work.

  18. gtk says:

    hi ss501 leader kim hyun joong, so nice to hear that you went back to uni to further your study to widen your knowledge, you are a multi tasker who are not afraid of hard work. continue to press on from strength to strength and achieve your goal. pls remember this: there is a time to work and a time to rest, so remember to rest

    God bless you with wisdom , knowledge and understanding
    God bless you with hundred fold blessing in your solo debut and the works of your hand

  19. D-Renee says:

    I feel like he’s the Korean James Franco do a lot stuff. Work hard : )

  20. nhan vo says:

    let’s hope he’s okay and we all wish him the best

  21. Samdongfanatic says:

    Proud of u oppa.! Goodluck on your new album. Your MV teaser is daebak. Can’t wait to see the whole MV.

  22. atweeg says:

    good for you, just don’t work yourself too hard!
    best wishes for your solo album, can’t wait to see you on stage again!!

  23. filipina says:

    so proud of him being so hardworking, he is going to be successful in every thing he do..
    just be careful with your health, might be hitting the hospital instead..
    i love you hyun joong..
    ur the best..

  24. queenbqty says:

    Thank you for the correction! We will always protect our boys! TripleS rocks!

  25. […] : Don’t re-edit+HOTLINK Give proper credit when reposting, thanks! […]

  26. JHONA SABIO says:



  27. meteor says:

    good job KHJ

  28. Mimi says:

    Good for him! Those celebrities should be admired. Even with that much money and success, they still try to improve their knowledge. Very admirable! Good luck for him!

  29. Israa says:

    Dear Hyun Joong,
    It’s time to glow & shine, I’ll suport you don’t be desperet,
    keep faith, confidence & be strong man. Now focus in what you love to do,
    also pray, God will help you, Always I’ll be there for you, cheer you up & wishing you a good luck “leader”.
    bye bye from:

  30. Glamorous Sky says:

    i love smart boys! handsome is a bonus. Kim Hyun Joong is near to perfection. and SS501 is really the perfection.

  31. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    dude, many idols and former idol stars do this too. not just kim hyun joong….

    • Glamorous Sky says:

      Kim Hyun Joong doing this even he is in a hectic schedule. and we are not expecting he will take a class and he reveal that soon he finish his study.

  32. danyi says:

    I hope he won’t get too stressed for working and studying at the same time 🙂 i so like kim hyun joong!! ~_~

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