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[MV] SHINee makes Japanese debut with “Replay”

And that is exactly what they want you to do with their new music video…Replay it over and over again.

SHINee is finally making their Japanese debut with “Replay – You’re My Everything.” The actual single will be released on June 22nd, but the MV is out now and one can’t help but feel a little nostalgic.

Envision a scene with me. It’s May 2008. You’re hearing and seeing “Noona, You’re So Pretty (Replay)” for the first time. Who are these young thangs singing about fawning over an older lady? Are they talking about you? Are you that special ladeh? Whatever, you and thousands of other noonas are smitten. You’re hooked onto their precocious smiles, tight dance moves, and smooth vocals.

Fast forward three years to the present, and BAM! Tae-min hit puberty, their pants are really tight, and their fashion is colorful and eclectic, but they’re just as smooth and tight, if not more so, as before and releasing more testosterone. It’s “Yoo-na, You’re So Pretty” now, as Girls’ Generation‘s face girl is the apple of their eye.

Well enough blah blah blah, watch the video from EMI Music Japan’s official YouTube channel here.

I don’t doubt that SHINee is going to rock the Japanese market, as I’ve always thought they fit the Japanese idol boy group mold perfectly. Do you agree or do I seem delusional to you?


24 Comments on “[MV] SHINee makes Japanese debut with “Replay””

  1. ara says:

    “tae min hit puberty, tight pants, testosterone”

    imho, popseoul writer, you wrote that too far. I love shinee as some entertainer and probably dongsaeng. but not at all as what you wrote. geezz… feel like i’m reading romance novel.

    do something less that, please. thanks.

  2. hahah says:

    i know im late on this, but is that Victoria from f(x) in the video??

  3. hahaha says:

    yeah, i agree with ara. somehow it’s weird too read that phrase.. ” Tae-min hit puberty, their pants are really tight.. “

  4. It’s alright. Not great.

  5. asianmusiclover101 says:

    yes they did grow up more, but you didn’t have to phrase it as the way you did.

  6. eboy07 says:

    I dont like Shinee and for a Japenese debut it only make it worser.

  7. OOOOOOkay! says:

    this writer is ridiculous! lmfao!!!!!!!

  8. hana says:

    aw…no Victoria. the MV looks so superficial.

  9. moonylove says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha ` Fast forward three years to the present, and BAM! Tae-min hit puberty, their pants are really tight, ` Dear e1leen0nt0fu, I love you. You`re right, I feel nostalgic. Time really flies…….

  10. kaykay says:

    I always loooovee SHINee and Taemin is hot! but putting him as lead vocal is just no no! i love korean version better.. but this is SM we talking about. Taemin is a hot cake for Japanese market. So i guess, anything is necessary to win the market. suck for the ears, tough..

  11. guy says:

    Popseoul.your website is absolutely dont even have up to date information on anything. you have nothing on the fact that daesung of big bang got into another car accident accidently killing a motorcyclist and the fact that a sg wannabe member committed suicide. seriously,step your game up cause you are far behind.

    • ashley says:

      omg really? That’s soo sad : (

      • eboy07 says:

        The thing whit kpop fans lately is that they are to greedy to kpop news. They want everyday some kpop news and thats called an addict.
        But you know what go to another site where they post kpop news daily. No need to criticise this site.

  12. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I think the japanese one is way better!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  13. LiL Shawty loves SuJu.x says:

    Taeminnie oppa should stay with orange, wavy hair. It so suits him ;D He looks sooo CUTE.
    I LOVE everyone is SHINee buy Taemin is my favourite in the group :L
    Love the sog by the way =D

  14. Ikra SuJu says:


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