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Big Bang’s Dae-sung involved in car accident

Possibly killing a motorcyclist in the process.

On May 31st at approximately 1:40 a.m., Big Bang‘s Dae-sung accidentally rear-ended a taxi while driving near the Yanghwa Bridge area in Seoul. The Youngdong Police is currently investigating the car accident, but here are the currently known details.

The taxi driver was driving in front of Dae-sung’s Audi A4 going downhill. The taxi switched into the next lane, but then abruptly switched back into Dae-sung’s lane, which caused a collision. The taxi driver was apparently trying to avoid a passed out motorcyclist who was hurt from an earlier hit-and-run. While the taxi driver and Dae-sung are fine and appear to have no serious injuries, the motorcyclist was later pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. It is still a little unclear whether Dae-sung crashing into the taxi driver caused the taxi to run the motorcyclist over, or the motorcyclist already sustained a fatal amount of injury from the previous hit-and-run. An autopsy will be performed to confirm the motorcyclist’s cause of death, and the police are compiling evidence from security cameras in the area and witness reports. Dae-sung could face charges for “driver’s neglect,” however, the severity of those charges depends on the specific circumstances and cause of death.

Dae-sung was thankfully not driving under the influence and has been aiding the police in the investigation with information on the accident. It appears that Dae-sung was not at fault and was merely driving in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our concern and prayers go out to not only Dae-sung, but the motorcyclist’s friends and family mourning their loss.


50 Comments on “Big Bang’s Dae-sung involved in car accident”

  1. Lina says:

    Well, well, well. Looky, looky, looky…

  2. ara says:

    all condolences for the family left.

    good luck with the investigation.

  3. tru t says:

    according to popseoul this is the scenario
    The taxi switched into the next lane, but then abruptly switched back into Dae-sung’s lane, which caused a collision.The taxi driver was apparently trying to avoid a passed out motorcyclist who was hurt from an earlier hit-and-run.

    can anyone please riddle me why Dae-sung should be charged with “drivers neglect”???
    It is still a little unclear whether Dae-sung crashing into the taxi driver caused the taxi to run the motorcyclist over, or the motorcyclist already sustained a fatal amount of injury from the previous hit-and-run.
    ok this is very confusing goes on to say
    after reading first stanza its like it was the taxi drivers fault but now after this its like its dae-sung’s fault. someone please riddle me, i am lost

    • Lizzie says:

      He was driving at 80miles/hr when the speed limit was 60.

      So saddd 😦 hope everything clears up an daesung doesn’t get into trouble :((( that would ruin big bang T_T

      • tru t says:

        thank u.but then what about a taxi driver who got out of the lane and switched back into the lane. although i understand the part of speeding, doesnt the taxi driver has to be accountable too. and to think that non of them really would be involved if it wasnt for the hit and run driver…………smh this is really sad

  4. VVIP says:

    oppa fightng ..VIP always stand by U …>”< …believe in U 🙂

    • bigbangwifee1217 says:

      deasung, dont worry oppa. the vips got ur back. it will be okay in the end. dont lose faith and stay strong. we are all human, and just because you are famous, that doesnt make any difference. those people trying to accuse u are wrong. :/ we believe in u. ❤

  5. lollipop says:

    c’mon pplz.. just cuz daesung is an idol doesn’t mean he’s perfect. idols make mistakes and they don’t seem so innocent as they look. what im trying to say is what if it was his fault..? so what? shit happends, I can’t really say much whos fault it is. the situation is still not clear.

    • jasmine says:

      f*cking perfect comment! 😀

    • 1234 says:

      “what if it is his fault? So what?”



      UR like; aww oppa! I support u blah blah, I hope he doesn’t get in trouble, poor big bang, stupid motorcyclist why did you get in daesung’s way??


  6. johyn says:

    What does “driver neglect” cost you in Korea? like Jail time? It doesn’t seem to be as bad as Manslaughter like in the USA. Idol or not Daesung seems to be a good citizen and first time offender (Don’t quote me I could be wrong). Slap on the wrist with community service seems to fit this crime.

    • k-popfollower says:

      The most he would have to face with the current possible charges is a fine up to about $40,000. But more things will come to light after the autopsy of the motorcyclist which will be done in 7 to 10 days. 😦

  7. Mark says:

    he’s a fucking idol, he could kill someone and get off without charges if he wants to, it’s stupid. They are saying he’s not at fault just because of his images and if any of you have actually been to Korea you’ll know that ALL taxi’s drivers are insane and drive like this so Daeseong should be used to it!

  8. hu says:

    Let’s see how this gets “cleaned” up……

  9. k-popfollower says:

    Poor Dae Dae. This is all so very sad. 😦

  10. dan says:

    big fucking deal. he could have killed someone and would still get off

  11. denise says:

    Daesung we are with u!!!! hold ur head up high! everything will clear up!!

  12. jacob says:

    seriously,this isn’t up to date.stealing from another website is sad popseoul. YG has released two statements already and daesung is back home after a five hour interview with police .

  13. OOOOOOkay! says:

    hmmm. this doesnt even seem right i love daesung so much and he has to pay becuz a taxi driver cant drive? someone better make this clear! 🙂 well at least he is okay. the motorcyclist was in the road and the taxi driver didnt see him beforehand in the road? wow.

  14. misijusbb says:

    This is sad 😦

  15. QnI says:

    Well the reason why the accident happened was because his eyes were so small that he couldn’t see the road properly.

  16. cdnpoint says:

    The press version in the Chosun Ilbo of the accident gives a different account of the incident and who was driving in which lanes and where the motorcyclist was.

  17. jane says:

    he’s so ugly

  18. stop torturing daesung!
    Daesung oppa!!fighting..i always love u no matter what!i know u didnt mean to do such thing in purpose..bigbang need u!saranghea oppa!fighting!

    • bigbang hater says:

      So he should get off for murder because he’s a pop-tart idol? Get a life!

      • bd2 says:

        How would it be murder?

        At most it would be vehicular manslaughter and based on the taxi driver’s account (Daesung was following behind another car which swerved out of the way at the last moment) it likely won’t come to that.

      • .:K-pop.:.J-pop:. says:

        I don’t see why people who don’t like Big Bang are here, critising them and not caring for them. I pray to the motorcyclist and Dae. Why is everyone only caring for one or the other? There was a collision and it was an accident. A motorcyclist died and we are praying, Dae has no injuries and we’re happy, the taxi driver had clearly made an accident, so what? At least the taxi driver is safe and no injuries. So, why are we judging one or the other abut this disscussion? I don’t see why peole who don’t care for both is here. So, if you don’t like Big Bang or Dae, you can stop wasting your effort on critisizing them, why are you doing that anyway? If you do like Big Bang, just because he is a K-popstar, doesn’t mean you can’t care for others. So, if you don’t like Big Bang, you can stop trying to crush their voices, because they will keep strong. So, if you like Big Bang, you don’t have to get so lovey-dovey with him, you have to care for others too, he is a K-popstar, but that doesn’t mean he is not just a regular human being too. Now you see my point.

  19. Reality Checker says:

    Okay… people… lets get back to perspective here. You’re all saying “hwaiting daesung” but don’t you realize that someone died? Shouldn’t you be considering that person’s family? wow… sigh… there’s a point where cheering on for your idol becomes ridiculous, and this story has reached that point.

    I don’t care who’s right, that person lost their life and I think his life is worth more than any lawsuit that’s going to happen.

  20. meomun says:

    bi giờ tôi chỉ có thể nói

  21. Amgie loblob says:

    Is he well now? wish he better

  22. Sweetsmilez says:

    omg!!!!..serious??..well..hope he don’t get hurt anywhere….**^~^

  23. Chiba Emi says:

    So Sry to hear that …..

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