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Clazziquai’s Alex makes his solo comeback

And has Jung Ryu-won tease us with her powerful acting.

It’s been three years since Clazziquai‘s Alex came out with his first solo album, My Vintage Romance, and now this hunky piece of burning love is making his comeback with the album, “Just Like Me.” Alex’s second album is set to drop on June 2nd, but the digital single, “Same Dream,” was released on May 19th to entice those of us who love hearing his buttery smooth singing voice. Documenting the warm feelings that come with romance, “Same Dream” was written by Kim Dong-ryul, who worked with Alex previously on Kim Dong-ryul’s 2009 single “Like A Child.”

The single cover features a very typical image of Alex looking soft, romantic, and dreamy, while the cover of the soon-to-be released album showcases a chic, sleek, and dangerously handsome Alex. Either side of the coin, the man be looking fine.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Alex has also just released an MV teaser for “Even If I Go Crazy” featuring the always too thin actress Jung Ryu-won. The petite actress registers a powerful performance of a woman devastated by her former lover’s inability to understand her. She comes off a little hysterical for my taste, but she also seems to be putting out pitch perfect amounts of emotion.

Looking forward to hearing more of Alex when his album, “Just Like Me,” is released on June 2nd.


21 Comments on “Clazziquai’s Alex makes his solo comeback”

  1. this guy’s actually talented

  2. Aya says:

    YAY!! finallyyyy ^^

  3. K-POP forever :D says:

    love it!!!

  4. Sharon says:

    Yay…it was about time already!!:D Ever since I watched him in We got married, I’ve been in love with him!! He’s so sweet, caring, good-looking and talented…heck!! he’s the whole package LoL^^

  5. comet says:

    Jung Ryu-won’s thin but hardly ‘petite’ as you described her to be.

  6. nhan vo says:

    Same dream is very beautiful song

  7. dan says:

    great more shitty music

  8. tru t says:

    can we pleeeeaaaaseee have fresh news already?i mean reallyy if u gon call yourself an entertainment blog is that what should be doing entertaining. this is so sad cos i am really interested in korean entertainment and ithink i am regretting choosing this site over others…smh
    ***throws laptop against the wall and walks off***

    • eboy07 says:

      You gotta chill you are behaving like kpop is everything. Do something else like reading the newspaper cause there are more important things going on then just kpop news.

      • tru t says:

        the hell u talking about this is a blog and i am not here for same old stories whether its all that or otherwise. why not take ur advise and read a newspaper and note how i wasnt talking to anyone but the bloggers………….do something and dont tell me what to do geezz

  9. […] releasing a teaser featuring Jung Ryu-won screaming at the camera, Alex has just unveiled the music video for […]

  10. Vini_Indonesia says:

    yeah…my fav singer is back! go Alex!!

  11. Jean says:

    love his music. he can actually sing!

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