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[MV] Kim Hyun-joong has a “Break Down”…..

“Please” understand!

Hallyu star Kim Hyun-joong has a “Break Down”…… in a good way! On June 1st, the Keyeast singer released the full length music video for “Please” via YouTube. The first title track off of his “Break Down” album, which will hit stores in Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan on June 8th, is about pleading with a former lover to return to them. The kissing flower boy already has 70,000 pre-orders of his album, 4,000 fans waiting for his showcase on June 7th, and his new song is at the top of the charts. Why is he so upset about breaking up with one girl? You have thousands waiting in line, Hyun-joong!

Check out the unnecessary agony of “Please” below:

Would you help mend his broken heart?

Sources: Bloomberg and 4EverSecretTime


52 Comments on “[MV] Kim Hyun-joong has a “Break Down”…..”

  1. qni says:

    He needs a good man to heal his broken heart,his acting and singing sucks.

  2. eboy07 says:

    That goes for most kpop idols in my opinion.

    • bd2 says:

      Same for pop music anywhere.

      • eboy07 says:

        If you are referring to Apop then you are making a mistake. Cause Apop is actuly getting better in 2011. Kpop is sadly going downhill. Maby only one song was good in half 2011.

        • genieM says:

          says U! Apop.. YUCKS!

          • eboy07 says:

            Just that kpop fans are saying that kpop is superior to apop an jpop that doesn’t mean that kpop is superior in every year. Fact remains apop is getting better. Only kpop fans who are obssesd whit kpop and dont pay attention to the US industry wont notice it. Sorry but i can easily tell that 2010 was not a good year for kpop consider i dont know how many debuted but there where a lot. And for last if you deny this then you are lying to your teeth. The lyrics are even worser now. But i understand peoples opinions if they find kpop the best music in the world. But if you are gonna bach apop and jpop to feel better in your kpop bubble world. Then i have to disagree whit you. Compared to kpop apop and jpop are still above in terms of originalty and variety . Kpop is just trying too hard for the looks and expensive videos.

  3. Kergy says:

    Egocentric douchebag.

  4. lora leigh says:

    No sexy dance move but I see Rain “Love Song” in this music video, not 100% though… – i’m just a little disappointed. Still, I like him, I’ve always been a fan.

  5. jinn says:

    epic song love it

  6. Samdongfanatic says:

    This MV is on repeat mode since it came out. Cant get enough of kHJ’s hotness.

  7. Mina says:

    Such a different image from Playful Kiss, But his smile is still the same: adorable!
    Even though the video is not something special I’m sure I’ll be addicted to this song. His voice is really good!

  8. Gina says:

    Beautiful song, heart breaking though. I like the MV, professional, and nice.
    The boy looks good, cool and handsome, and the girl is really cute.

    How come there’re way too many haters/losers/bad mouth fans on PopSeoul now a days??… It surely discourage me to visit the site.

  9. lili says:

    maybe is only me (Ssorry) , but this seems like a milk shake of kpop mv….

  10. filipina says:



  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    I actually like this song but……… WHY DID HE CUT OFF HIS BEAUTIFUL HAIR!?!?

    • ashley says:

      hey, think about it like this at least we will know what he looks like when he goes off to the army, long hair or short hair he still looks good.

  12. jasmine says:

    nowadays seems like each of every member of SS501 is going solo huh?

  13. doubleu says:

    nothing really special.

  14. marielle says:

    i love it!!!
    Kim Hyun Joong always be a handsome guy.

  15. atweeg says:

    It is a very good one!! i always enjoy his performance on stage, just so glad that i can him more on TV in June!!!

  16. asnforever says:

    I Love Kim hyun joong but this time i have to admit it this song sucks~!

  17. Mary says:

    haters always hate so sad anyway… Hyun Joong look gorgeous I love it his song, his dance PERFECT ^^

  18. samsilver says:

    so cool i love him

  19. anna says:

    heis cute but it is looking like the rain’s mv and please put on some weight dear

  20. OOOOOOkay! says:

    I love this song and the concept of the video and the fact they showed his uber handsome face on this.lolz. this guy is talented, smoking hot and a mischievious personality! i thank his parents for him! kim hyun joong you are the best!!!!!

  21. Deki says:

    Bravo KHJ, whatever other comments on this, I like his MV and his short haircut, keep up……..He seems matured now ALL THe BEST, before he has a lover boy image and now with his new look I can see a caring and supporting with whole heartedly and he is strong……

  22. Shan says:

    love the new song! quite catchy ^^

  23. queenbqty says:

    The song is fantastic, the video is awesome and Leader looks amazing! I really, really love this song, but why is Leader always begging? First, “Please, be nice to me” and now just “Please”, the women should be begging to him, he is absolutely gorgeous! LOL!
    Love the haircut! Gotta have a “Breakdown”!

    • Angelina says:

      This song is terrible. The video would be so much better if Yoona were in it.

      • queenbqty says:

        Why would you bring that lizard into the discussion? Isn’t that bow-legged plastic wench in Japan currently ruining Shinee’s video? KHJ isn’t into bestiality and even if he was, there are many more attractive beasts than that no talent broad.
        I don’t like snsd, but there are at least 6 other members of that group that look better than yoona and have 50 times the talent. Which isn’t saying much cause yoona has none. Give it up, KHJ is so fine, he makes yoona look more like a man than she already does. It obvious you are deaf, dumb and blind from listening to the one line that yoona has in every snsd song and she can’t sing that right because she can’t sing.
        snsd might be half way decent if that no talent lizard/camel looking chick wasn’t in it. She should go back to the tree she fell out of and catch flies with her tongue and she probably can’t even do that right! yoona sucks!

        • Angelina says:

          Give it up. He’s not into beastiality so he wouldn’t be into an ugly frog face gorilla like you either. If Yoona were in his video his video could easily hit 3 million hits on youtube, but Yoona would never stoop as low as to appear in this closeted individual’s video because she has a reputation.

          • queenbqty says:

            Lol, a reputation for what? Being unable to act, sing or dance while being the most useless member of a basically useless band full of plastic surgery victims?
            Call me and KHJ all the names you want, it still won’t negate the fact that you are stupid enough to be running around touting that lizard looking chick, who’s only famous because she’s doing LSM and probably many other ahjusshis.
            If you want to advertise somebody, try Taeyeon, she’s better looking than yoona and at least she can sing, thus has some use in a singing group.
            Face it, yoona blows, both figuratively and literally, ha ha!

  24. yang says:

    at first listening to this song, i felt like nothing special but now listening for the second time its quite good and make me feel want to hear it more….maybe im a fan of young saeng oppa, thats why it took me times to realize that this song is good too….anyway fighting hyun joong n young saeng oppa!!!

  25. linde says:

    Why are people being so negative for >< i mean express yourself but you dont have to be so hard and be like nothing special etc etc..I think this is a beautiful song and he looks mega hot in here, the dancing not that great but hey he is a singer.

  26. xxkpopxx says:


  27. goodtimes says:

    WHOA! Who’s this hot dude??? Is this really Kim Hyun Joong? I remember seeing that cute smile in …BOF, the Korean F4. What’s with the antis man? Is this man so good-looking that so many can’t bear it but hate him? hahhahaha… but I must say this song is really good! I spotted someone calling him ego? mmmm…I never get that vibe from him. He was probably dorky at one time, but in a good way; never strike me as egoistic though. Just putting in my two cents! Love the MV – it’s on auto-play on my side now! XDD

  28. Ikra SuJu says:


  29. […] will love it! I’m a Kim Hyun-joong fan, but for some reason I prefer his begging in “Please” rather than his “Break Down” […]

  30. This post was exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward to becoming a more regular reader.


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