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Kim Jae-wook gives up his trans-gender role

Now, he wants to be a soldier….for real!

The “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” stage actor will return to being all man (all the time) this summer. He is joining the military! Jae-wook told the press he is upset to be leaving a musical he is very passionate about. However, country comes first! Fellow actors Kim Dong-wan,Choi Jae-woong, and Jo Jeong-seok will keep the trans-gender rock star role alive in his absence. According to his agency, ESteem Models, June 19th at the KT&G’s Sangsang Arthall in Seoul will be his last appearance in the play. “Hedwig” will continue its run thru August 21st, 2011.

Another well-loved star is headed to the service! Will you miss Kim Jae-wook?

Source: Economic News (eto)


16 Comments on “Kim Jae-wook gives up his trans-gender role”

  1. lulu_loves_u says:

    I am not that a big of a fan… but hope he comes back safely and healthy !!

  2. Jess says:

    I will
    loved his role in Mary Stayed Out All Night 😛

  3. Nicole says:

    I was shocked that he was going to the army! I am going to miss him… I love his movies- I remember when I first saw him in the drama “Bad Guy” last year… [man times goes by fast] I hope these next 2 years go by fast! ^_^

  4. jasmine says:

    YAY! he’s going to be more manlier :B

  5. zhia_aala says:

    I going to miss him so much…..will see you in two years….take care jae-wook ssi…..

  6. dan says:

    poor guy going to suffer in the army sitting at his desk job few hours a week. in the city. The only time he’ll see or wear a uniform is for publicity pictures.

  7. khina says:

    aw~ shocked! i’ll miss him for sure

  8. lanwookie says:

    hes sooo lady lad..please…nmary stay all night not good at all..wierdo.

  9. Yinnie says:

    I hoped he doesn’t get bummed. He’s too pretty. LOL

    Just kidding. He’s not pretty.

  10. ashley says:

    hope he grows his nice hair back when he gets back from the army hehehehe XD

  11. chaimoon says:

    For sure when he comes back from the military, he will be all MAN with muscles and rugged, handsome look. Be safe and stay healthy!

  12. sana says:

    i love kjwook, i will miss him like hell why its 2 yr. longgggg. hw am i suppose to live now.

  13. napster says:

    will be missing kim jae wook

  14. alou says:

    i’ll surely miss kim jae wook..please take care,be safe always.2 years is too there any way to make it shorter?

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