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[MV] Secret shares their “Starlight Moonlight” love

Bringing a whole new era of retro cuteness.

After the success of “Magic,” “Madonna,” and “Shy Boy,” it is no surprise that Secret‘s next move has already captured the eyes, ears, and hearts of the Korean pop music landscape. “Starlight Moonlight,” Secret’s second single, is expected to rock the charts and surpass idol mainstays like 2NE1 and BEAST. The release of a teaser featuring the track “Oh! Honey created a lot of buzz and anticipation for Secret’s new retro concept.

“Starlight Moonlight” capitalizes on the earlier retro cute success of “Shy Boy,” but brings you back to an even earlier and even simpler time (possibly the 50s). Hanging out in a terminal is good wholesome fun, and being in nature is actually a swell time. The song and imagery in the MV is light, charming and pleasant. While it is overly cutesy, it is quite infectious and not TOO annoying.

It is good to see that although Zinger is Secret’s rapper, she is able to sing in the song. TS Entertainment didn’t force an unnecessary rap section into “Starlight Moonlight” and only had a single rap verse that actually works with the momentum of the song.

Do you find Secret’s latest foray in retro chic fun or overdone?



18 Comments on “[MV] Secret shares their “Starlight Moonlight” love”

  1. jnyarcalas says:

    CUTE! :3

  2. hu says:

    too mellow and bland, but the mv looks good

  3. addikan says:

    BANG YONG GUK!!!!! he’s soooo cute!!!! and the little Bang and Jieun moment was super cute!

  4. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    The song is okay…. but i bet i’ll really like it once i keep on listening to it…

  5. marielle says:

    really glad that SECRET is back!!!

  6. jasmine says:

    beautifully made mv, it keeps me replay for more ! 😀

  7. OOOOOOkay! says:

    i love the song.

  8. Christine says:

    Cutesy. I just donloaded their song shy boy and the video is cute as well. They are new? I thought? I like that they have a gimic or style with so many girl groups out there.

    • ashley says:

      no the been around for a few years now so…..yeah they are like 2ne1 that had been out since 2009, I’m not too sure about the details of what month they debuted though.

  9. gemJ says:

    Back to back cutsey? Why?! I want my madonnas back! This is boring as hell!

  10. bd2 says:

    Their agency is definitely spending more $$ on video production.

  11. ashley says:

    Nice mellow song and I love the retro outfits they were in the mv.

  12. lovemashimaro says:

    nice song and simple but unique mv. it give me this comfortable feeling and suitable as my lullaby…

  13. […] Group Secret is currently promoting their “Moonlight Starlight“ on weekly K-pop music shows, but the girl band plans to shine even brighter in Japan. On August […]

  14. hannifah d.tarusan says:

    i love your song and cute performes

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