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“Late Autumn” hits theatres in the USA…..

Will you get your ticket?

C J Entertainment is bringing the international gem Late Autumn to American soil this summer. Hallyu Star Hyun Bin and popular Chinese actress Tang Wei‘s 2010 movie is making its USA debut.

Check out the details below:

“Late Autumn” (Manchu) is  releasing in US!! The movie stars Korean heartthrob Hyun-bin and Chinese Actress Tang-Wei

in the following cities!

Los Angeles,CA – CGV ( 6.17.2011)

Seattle, WA- AMC Alderwood, Cinemark Century (6.17.2011)

San Jose, CA – AMC Cupertino 6.17.2011)

Atlanta, GA -AMC Colonial (6.24.2011)

New York/New Jersey- AMC Empire, AMC Ridgefield Park (6.24.2011)

Experience the unique love story between a female convict,on temporary leave, and a frivolous young gigolo. The two characters, who have been abandoned by society, unexpectedly discover warmth in the midst of the sultry, yet romantic streets of Seattle.”

Are you ready to see the unusually breathtaking love story that is sweeping the world?

Update: ” Promotional Event: Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

Submit a one paragraph entry of your story for a chance to be selected for two free tickets to watch “Late Autumn” at your closest theater! You must “Like” the Asian Movies n More Facebook fan page to participate in this contest!

Submit your entries to and remember to mention PopSeoul along with your stories. For more information, check out the official “Last Autumn” website!”

*A Special Thanks to Jannie at CJ Entertainment for the tip

22 Comments on ““Late Autumn” hits theatres in the USA…..”

  1. eboy07 says:

    Hahahahah oh boy.

  2. pru says:

    is this movie in Korean or in English?

  3. secret garden says:

    yay.. will watch in Atlanta !

  4. Jannie says:

    The movie is mostly in English and there are subtitles for the parts where Hyun-Bin speaks Korean and Tang-Wei speaks English! 🙂

  5. Jannie says:

    **I meant when Tang-Wei speaks Chinese.

  6. Miki says:

    omg omg omg I NEED to watch it!!!!

  7. OOOOOOkay! says:

    ATL!!! yay! i have been waiting for this!!!

  8. XxSleepyHonuxX says:

    “sweeping the world”??

    – I highly doubt that lol

  9. lulu_loves_u says:

    OMG I am going to be in San Jose all July AHHHH this is awesome….

  10. Michelle Kim says:

    I can’t find the movie in AMC Georgia anywhere? What’s going on?? Can anybody help me!!

  11. LuckyLinda says:

    what’s the matter with Chicago??

  12. johyn says:

    Will watch in Seattle!!


  13. Christine says:

    Wow, none of these movies that release never come to Atlanta! It’s always L.A. or New York. Will be watching HYun Bin in the ATL!

  14. Christine says:

    The movie Theater in Atlanta is in Lawrenceville somewhere.

  15. joy says:

    I’ve heard so much good things about this film. Can’t wait!

  16. asnforever says:

    No Canada ):

  17. lynn says:

    looking forward to my drive to atlanta on friday

  18. letterfromd says:

    This film is so beautifully shot. Each shot is like a postcard.

  19. JJ says:

    i saw the trailer of this movie & it looks interesting….no question it’s hyun bin project! i can’t wait to see this one!

  20. JJ says:

    why not san francisco? sigh sigh

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