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[POLL RESULTS] Who has the most awesome-est hair?


Sorry for the late reply, but the results are finally here!

This poll had many votes, I and POPSEOUL staff thank you for contributing in this poll.

Anyway, the winner is for this poll is…

Dara from 2ne1. She had 32% of all the votes.

2nd place goes to CL from 2ne1 with 25%

3rd place goes to Hyorin from Sistar with 14%

4th place goes to Jia from Miss A with 12%

5th place goes to Krystal from F(x) with 10%

And last but not least, Song Ji Eun with 7%

What did you guys think of the results?

*NOTE: If you guys have any ideas for polls, ideas for POPSEOUL, anything about my articles, or anything you guys want me to post here in POSEOUL, comment or email me at . I will be honoured and more than glad to answer questions you might have.


18 Comments on “[POLL RESULTS] Who has the most awesome-est hair?”

  1. eboy07 says:

    I still prefer DBZ hair.

  2. lollipop says:

    and last but not least? i don’t get it.. she is the least out of all of them?

  3. ashley says:

    I knew CL or Dara would win, I think all of them had cool hair so….yeah

  4. filipino blackjacks says:

    2NE1 in the Philippines
    2NE1 The Party Concert Photos & Videos @ araneta coliseum

    trivia: araneta coliseum is the venue when sandara hails as 1st runner up for Star Circle Quest. now she made a comeback and perform.

  5. dan says:

    how about NONE OF THE ABOVE

  6. chaimoon says:


  7. sejiyodase says:

    CL’s hair looks like freaking bhole right here.

  8. loomz says:

    the cooooooooooooolest hair ever would be for

    amber fx 😛 dont ya agree

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